About Jason


I live in Houston, Texas with my two sons, Cameron and Carson, and my wife, Sarah. I spend the bulk of my time with my family and growing two businesses. I am also an avid home-brewer and craft beer enthusiast.


Jason completed his undergraduate degree from Sam Houston State University in Environmental Science.   After a summer internship, he went to work for the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. During his tenure at UT-Health, he completed an MBA in Finance and MS in Security Management. He started as an environmental waste specialist and, prior to leaving UT-Health to start his first company, was Risk Manager.  As Risk Manager, Jason was responsible for implementing the Property Protection Program for $2B in insured assets, worker's compensation for 7,000 employees, and a business continuity program for nearly $900MM in annual revenue.


Meet the Businesses:


In July 2013, Jason started HoustonHouseBuyers.com, a real estate company that specializes in purchasing houses directly from home owners. Customers have reported that they do business with HoustonHouseBuyers.com for three reasons:

  1. Reliability. We do what we say we will do. Close on time, for agreed to price, in all cash.
  2. Convenience. Homeowners tell us that they do not want to deal with the back and forth with real estate agents and buyers. It is very easy to sell a house to HoustonHouseBuyers.com
  3. Trust. We are BBB accredited and have done a tremendous number of transactions.  Our close ratio is 100%––we always close!

Since the inception of HoustonHouseBuyers.com, we have completed hundreds of transactions, as well as raised and paid back nearly $10MM in private capital.


In May 2014, SellUsYourHouse.com was born. This company specializes in three areas:

  1. Purchasing problem properties
  2. Finding missing heirs for estates with real estate
  3. Solving complicated legal and title problems.

His Texas Real Estate Radio Network show can be heard weekday evenings on KNTH The Answer 1070 AM from 9-11pm. The show is available on iHeartRadio & streamed on Facebook Live and YouTube.

Jason has been an invited presenter at multiple local and national business, and real estate events. If you would like him to speak at your event, click on the contact tab at the top of this page.

About Robert

Born and raised in New Jersey, Robert worked with his father doing construction. Robert later attended Kean and Rutgers University, and set out to find a “good job.”

At the age of 42, Robert had been working for someone else’s fortune for 20 years, and upon understanding the importance of wealth and how to create it, he caught the entrepreneurial bug and left his job to start his own green consulting firm. Within the first year of business, the firm was directly impacted by the financial crisis in 2008. He persevered through the major financial setbacks that followed and began working as a So-Cal contractor.

In 2012, Robert took an opportunity to work on flipping for private investors, where he flipped almost 200 different homes. He continued to work in the So-Cal Real Estate Market until 2014, when it made a major comeback and deals became scarce.

By 2015, Robert sought out a market gap for flipping houses in New Jersey, the #1 foreclosure state in the country at the time, and assembled a team to build business back up. Although the market had been tumultuous for quite some time, he saw an opportunity to raise capital for the New Jersey and New York Real Estate markets and founded a Distressed Real Estate Investor Fund. He launched a building consulting firm in 2007, began rehabbing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac homes in Southern California, and flipped over 200 homes for private investors.

Early 2015, Robert saw early signs of a turnaround in New Jersey and assembled a team to begin flipping remotely. As the New Jersey market recovered, he identified Houston as a good market for flipping. Post-Harvey, he has been building his rental portfolio in both NJ and southeastern TX. An active real estate investor and mentor, Robert regularly speaks to entrepreneurs across the country. His Texas Real Estate Radio Network show can be heard weekday evenings on KNTH The Answer 1070 AM from 9-11pm. The show is available on iHeartRadio & streamed on Facebook Live and YouTube.