TRE 53 | Entrepreneurship Mindset
  It’s Mindset Monday! That means we are going to get our weekly dose of learning as an entrepreneur in this day and age. Host Jason Bible discusses the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur and getting into that mindset. He shares the two things entrepreneurs do – earn or learn. Centering on entrepreneurship as a real estate investor, Jason shares all the learning and earning you will have to go through in this path. Get
TRE 52 | Being A Landlord
  The real estate world is too vast that learning its ins and outs can take years of experience, especially when you are a first-time landlord. Thankfully, professionals like Jason Bible and Robert Orfino exist to guide you through your wonderful journey of making homes better and worthy for you and your renters. In this episode, Robert teach the basics on how to be an exemplary landlord – one who can basically differentiate between a
TRE 51 | The Mastermind Concept
  Contrary to what many think, there are no self-made millionaires or billionaires. No matter how you got to where you are, there are definitely people who helped you in one way or another. This is what host Jason Bible believes in putting forward the value of a network that is cultivated in masterminds. Together with co-host Robert Orfino, Jason talks about what the mastermind concept is and why it is used for about almost
TRE 50 | Houston Airbnb Taxes
  If you are from Houston and have Airbnb units and you’re mad because the government is going to tax you, don’t be. Jason Bible and Robert Orfino give the reasons why you shouldn’t go berserk over this new law. For many states like Vegas, Airbnbs are banned and many other areas and establishments such as hotels are fighting over its legalities. Jason and Rob strongly agree that the new tax is a good thing
TRE 49 | Flip And Rental Rehab
  Being in the real estate world for so long, Jason Bible’s podcast has been recognized as the fastest growing show on the network. This recognition cements the fact that their content are always top quality. In this episode, Jason tackles another great topic – flipping and rehabbing. He also talks about how Patten Title Company has helped them in the rehab, flipping, and the real estate world in general. He also brings on a
TRE 48 | Successful Real Estate Business
  In this world of connectivity, outsourcing has become the go-to solution for many businesses. Yet there is still much to be said when you, as the owner, are hands-on because nobody knows the business like you do. In this episode, Jason Bible and Robert Orfino discuss the importance of not entirely relying on outsourcing and instead, being better at something yourself. Setting it against the real estate backdrop, they talk about their experiences of
TRE 47 | Real Estate Retirement Investment
  Don’t rely on passive income alone. Be 100% in charge of your life before or after retirement. Jason Bible takes us on a journey to successful real estate investing. Diving into retirement invesments, he talks about establishing a real estate business for your future, and invites you to start taking action towards real estate success through their mastermind or real estate club. — Listen to the podcast here: Worry Free Retirement Through Real Estate
TRE 46 | Real Estate Revolution
  Let’s go down memory lane in this 4th of July episode with Jason Bible who celebrates his real estate anniversary by taking us to his humble beginnings – from grooming his image for marketing and getting his first client, to rolling his money to buy more and more houses. Jason and co-host, Robert Orfino, hand out some advice on how not to fall into the credit trap, and share some experiences in helping unfortunate
TRE 45 | Real Estate ROI
  Business minds think about ROI all the time, most especially with real estate. But how do you measure the value of your marketing and social media activities against the money you make? Jason Bible and Robert Orfino discuss what they do in social media that creates an impact on their business. They also share insights on networking and real estate education. See ROI on a whole new light in this episode. — Listen to the
TRE 44 | Quick Decision Making
  Waiting for an economy shift before finally making your first investment? Learn why quick decision making is key to success in real estate. Jason Bible and Robert Orfino get straightforward on the reasons why you should take action now so you can reap the rewards sooner. They also walk us through their current endeavors and how they are part of their long-term goal. This episode will inspire you to stop wasting time and decide to
TRE 43 | Crossing The Finish Line
  While starting can be difficult, it’s going through the last stretch of the race that is going to test whether you’ll make it or not. This is the same terminal disease when it comes to flips and prepping Airbnbs where many get stuck in that last 10% of the job. Back from the beach, Jason Bible is here to talk with co-host Robert Orfino about crossing the finish line and the importance of your
TRE 42 | Buy And Hold Deals
  It’s four stars out of five for buy and hold in the market right now. With that, you should seize this opportunity to buy and hold properties more than flips. Robert Orfino details some of the deals and flips he has done and reveals information on how the Houston marketplace is shifting. He also lets us in on his and Jason Bible’s portfolio and what they are currently into as well as their plans.