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How would it feel to lose everything to the point that you’re actually forced to live in your aunt’s storage room? Today’s guest, AC Ramos, knows the feeling very well as he joins Jason Bible and Robert Orfino to recount the story of how he got through that initial loss and became a master wholesaler and influencer who has had over 20 years of success in the real estate business. AC Ramos is the CEO of Prosperity Real Estate Group, an organization that provides education and coaching for real estate investing.

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Guest AC Joins Us And Talks Wholesale With Guest Host, Robert Orfino

We’re going to introduce an influencer.

What is an influencer? They’re the ones that make you do the bad things. In our space, for us here at Texas Real Estate Radio Network, it’s someone that does what he says or he or she teaches. That’s important for us. It’s a person who’s in the public already but it’s doing what they say they’re doing. We’re not going to have anyone on who’s not. Tons of people want to be influencers but don’t do it.

This is like the nineteen-year-old life coach.

We are bringing people into our radio show hours who are doing it or building systems, have systems and implementing it, and have teams. Sometimes they’re teaching it and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they’re for hire and sometimes they’re not. We want to share with our readers people that have wisdom. For us, the influencer is going to have wisdom. That’s probably the most critical thing for us because you can know and have the books and all that other stuff. You’ve got to have those 2:00 AM wake up calls or eleventh-hour closing issues. You’ve got to have that wisdom that has been in the business for a little bit, too high in standard or at the least, neck-deep into it. I don’t mind having someone who’s like, “This is my second year and I am up to here.” Great, because most people never get past their ankle width.

That’s the influencers that we’re looking for. People that give a different perspective on it and they’ve got a different network that they can bring to our readers, which is important. We want to be able to understand and get into more of a comparative thing that we’ve been about to bring them on, but what does he pay for money? He wants to know what we pay for money. We want to know what he pays for money. We want to know if we’re paying different rates from the same person. We’ve been developing this and talking about it for several months. We’re super happy to bring in a great guy and a big-time influencer in our market. I’m sure everyone who’s reading this has already heard of him. Most of you have already been through his classes. Let’s bring out AC Ramos. We’ve been talking about it for a while and we’ve had numerous meetings about this. We think that you’re a good flipper because neither Jason and I are doing lots of flips, we’re certainly not doing wholesale and not on the acquisition side. There’s a wealth of knowledge that you bring and we’re happy for you.

Thank you. I’m excited to be here. This is awesome. I’ve been following you for a little bit so I was like, “You’ve hit it and hit it hard,” You’re doing what you say you’re doing. There’s a lot of people out there that talk about it but they’re not being about it.

We looked at some numbers one time and it’s almost $12 million. It’s $11.5 million that we bought. It’s a lot. Our goal is $1 million a month so we’re getting close. As you said, you got to be about it. If you’re going to teach this stuff, you better be doing it.

Part of the reason I started reading more to what you’re talking about is that I’m good at wholesale and I’ve got students that are cracking $100,000 a month. We crack $100,000 a month in wholesaling sometimes. I’m learning more from you about how to buy and hold and leveraging money even better. It’s a give and take.

I’ll never forget that story you told me about the first house you bought. It was a house you were living in. This was years ago. You told me you bought it for $60,000 and now it’s worth $300,000 or something like that. I’m like, “Think of all those deals you could have kept over all those decades of wholesaling.”

That was in 2005. I bought that subject to for $101,000.

It was probably worth $80,000.

It’s worth $130,000. This is one year after I started wholesaling because a year before that, I was living in a storage shed. Within a month of starting wholesaling, we got into an apartment. Eleven months later, we were in fact fixing to renew the lease of the apartment and it was a crappy apartment. It was a hassle for me when we first started. We ended up putting a couple of thousand into just cleaning it up. I had friends, pizza and beer. We came over and cleaned it up because it smelled like dogs and curry. They were running a babysitting business there and that type of stuff. That was in 2005. I got the house in the divorce and she got other stuff in my first marriage. I put $50,000 in the house and I go, “I’m just going to flip it.” I ended up liking it so much that I ended up living in it for a year or two. I met my fiancée and we have a baby so I ended up moving out to Tomball. The house was vacant for about a year.

She finally convinced me, but I was sentimentally attached to the house. I put it on the market and we had a buyer with no agent on the other side for $322,000 and I screwed up the closing because we were asking for $325,000. I was asking for $324,000 because I didn’t want to sell the house subconsciously. I messed up that closing and my girlfriend’s like, “You messed up the closing. You sabotaged that. You did that,” and then I was like, “I’m sorry.” I did that to two different sellers. We ended up selling it for $315,000, so I got less and then with another agent. I had to pay agent fees and all that stuff. I got that subject to for $101,000. It’s triple the value. We walked out with $169,000 to $189,000.

You lived there for years?

Yes. I’ve rented it a little bit before that too. It has paid for itself and all kinds of stuff.

Those deals are there and equity is king. I love the equity stuff. We’re super happy to have you part of this. That little tidbit right there is something that we can introduce to our readers to our world. That provides a ton of extra value to this stuff. We’re going to be here and AC is going to be here. You can check us out on our website. That’s Mr. Texas Real Estate, and you can text us. If you’re interested in wholesaling, he has a whole academy that we’re going to be talking about. You can text ‘wholesaling’ at (281) 401-9008. You can also text well wishes because this is AC’s first time on our network, so we’d love to hear from you guys what you thought and what you’re thinking of the influencer model. We’re super excited to have you aboard, AC. Thank you so much for doing this. This is going to be a lot of fun.

We have a special guest with us. AC Ramos, our first influencer on the network.

We’re excited to have you, AC.

I’ve been wanting to post. I was like, “Should I post that I’m going to be on the Texas Real Estate Radio Show?” I’ll put it out there. I’ll put it on our email list too.

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Tell everyone about AC.

I’ve been wholesaling since 2004.

Tell us how you got into wholesaling.

I got into wholesaling after I found out I did not know exactly everything I needed to rehab. I started rehabbing first. You guys know me. I was coming out of prison for the second time when I was 21 years old. At that time, my first son was about to be born. It was signed for two years and then had to go back to the judge and they reduced it because my girlfriend at the time was pregnant, who became my first wife later. I got out a couple of months before he was born to try to get everything ready. You’ll do more for your children than for anybody else. You’ll do more for anybody else than you will for yourself. I knew I never wanted to be at risk of ever putting myself a chance of doing anything wrong again to ever be taken away from my family, my child or anything. Now, I have multiple children. At that point, I went to visit my friend when I got out. I was using his house as a place for our import and export business before. I talked to him.

There was another company there that was looking at the house and checking it out. He told me, “I owe $28,000 on it.” He’s like, “I’m just seeing what they’ll offer me.” They came in for $27,000 and he said, “If you give me $28,000, it’s yours and I’ll walk away from it.” I said, “No, you’ve got to come to the table with the other $1,000.” He was like, “I can’t do that.” I said, “Don’t do it. I’m going to figure out a way to get you more.” I didn’t even know what private lenders were and I use a lot of private lenders now. My aunt was more like my mother. She’s always believed in me and always been the one that supported me. She had retirement savings. I’m not sure what it was, but that’s how good of a private borrower I was. All I knew is she had the money to be able to fund the deal. We did the deal together. We bought the house for $33,000.

I knew a little bit about real estate and I’d been studying it. I thought the value was around $75,000 in the neighborhood. We bought it for $33,000 and we put $22,000 in fixing it. We’re in for $55,000. The $2,000 of the $22,000 was the closing cost. It was $20,000 for repairs and $2,000 closing costs, and we sold it for $84,000. We bought it in December of 1999. I have been doing this a little bit. We rehabbed it and sold it on March 10th of 2000. That was the first deal. After fees and realtor fees, everything cleared for $27,000, 28,000 to $30,000 or close to that. I am thinking, “I figured everything out.”

Let me ask this heartbreaking question here. What is that house worth now?

I looked it up and it’s $289,000. I went back and looked it up. Somebody else did more work to it and then now, they have it up for $289,000. They put a tin roof on it. It was on Coolcrest. It was in the Ridgecrest Subdivision. It excites me too because you get to see that the market is ever-changing. Seeing that growth and knowing that we’re young compared to California and New York. We’re like, “$289,000?” The people in California are like, “What is it? A shack? A cardboard box?” After that house, I continued to rehab for about three years. Until about 2003, we rehabbed one in Oak Forest. My aunt looked at that one and we bought that one without checking it out the way we should have. That needed more foundation repairs than we expected. We over rehabbed, which was a mistake because we were still new at it. We went and we’re like, “I like this and I like that.”

This is a common mistake all rehabbers make. They go a little overboard.

I was no different in the beginning. I did that so we ended up not being able to sell it on the market, but we found somebody who was willing to owner finance it from us. That means you’re not getting paid for a little while.

You sell the house and you get to be the bank.

We’re the bank for four years. We’re getting payments but not making any money so we’re out of cash. That was our cash for funding our flips and everything. We are stuck dead in the water. I was living in a townhouse that we were able to get into because we were making money in flipping houses. What happened? You lose that. That’s how I ended up living in a storage shed behind my aunt’s house. I probably didn’t have to live in the storage room, but there wasn’t a lot of room in the house for all of us to fit there because it was a little more secluded. We moved the lawnmowers and the weed whackers out, put some carpet down, got a window unit, AC and heater and moved on in. It was a comfortable shed. At that point, one night, I’m there watching TV and saw a commercial. “You’re going to learn how to flip houses with no money and no credits.”

TRE 106 | Wholesaling Business
Wholesaling Business: You’ll do more for your children than for anybody else. You’ll do more for anybody else than you will for yourself.


Do you remember who it was?

It was Russ Whitney. I ended up going to the free thing and my aunt was with me. She’s like my mom there and they pitched $28,000, $29,000 to $30,000 and then we’re like, “I’m walking away. There’s no way we could do this.” They called us back and they’re like, “You can pick one class for $11,000.” One three-day class and there was a mentor going to be teaching that and I was like, “Wholesaling,” because I knew rehabbing. I was like, “How are these people flipping houses with no money? There’s no way.” I had my real estate license at the time and my aunt had her real estate license. We just didn’t believe it like the people I see now. That’s exactly what we thought. There’s no legal way they’re doing this. We go to the class. My aunt talked to her boss and her boss let her put the $11,000 on his Amex card, which needs to be paid in 30 days and she had a balance where she could put the $11,000 but she had no way to pay it.

She said, “We got 60 days for you to make this work. We’re driving to Fort Worth for the class.” No pressure. She had looked it up and wholesaling is a scam. We’re driving a little Suzuki Sam and the wind blowing through everything. We get there and they break down the process of wholesaling. Once I understood the process of wholesaling, they didn’t tell us any marketing or something. I’ve always been good at marketing. That’s when I knew, “This was it. I found that missing piece.” I was living in a storage shed. It was December 22nd of ‘04, the first Monday back from that class and starting to put everything into implementation. My wife came home and said, “Here are three pregnancy tests.” That was our second kid. I busted my butt and on the 28th day, I got my first deal for $14,000. We ended up closing it and paid back the $11,000. I moved into an apartment. Believe me, I was scared back then.

This is AC Ramos. For those of you don’t know, he’s going to be joining us one time every week. He’s an influencer. He is a master wholesaler. He also does fix and flips and he’s doing a ground up. He’s been in the real estate business for many years and in this marketplace, so he has a wealth of knowledge. He also has a training program. We’re happy to have him as part of the Texas Real Estate Radio Network. If you have any questions for AC, you can text us at (281) 401-9008.

I know you’ve got a big-time education business. You got a big call center sitting there. You got the pit. What are you doing about it? What were some of the fun projects? What were you working on?

We’re always growing and working on our acquisition team. I have a couple of acquisition managers. You have been to the office and seen the pits. We have 11 or 12 stations with monitors, computers, dialer systems and everything that they need. I supply all the resources and everything, so we’re receiving calls from direct mail, voicemail drops, text message drops and doing a lot of outbound calls. That’s our pit. That’s our wholesaling business. We did 86,000 in wholesale fees and that’s led by a nineteen-year-old acquisition manager. My acquisition team is all 18 to 21 years old, except for a couple of them are veterans.

What’s great about that is they got nothing else to do all day. They’ll get on that phone.

My acquisition managers are killing it too. They’re like, “Where can you make this kind of money?” His commission, everything was $10,000. I tell my acquisition team, “The real wealth is built by buying and holding. We are just a wholesale company. In my teaching and programs, everything is based on wholesaling. That’s why I have a reputation.” Everybody’s like, “He’s just a wholesaler.” They don’t know all the other stuff. That’s the main thing in the wholesaling company. Across the street from your girl agent over here, Shelby, we’re in purchase and build for about $500,000 to $550,000 on that, but we’re going to sell for $700,000 to $750,000. We’re doing new construction all the way up. That one wasn’t intended to be new construction.

It was going to be a rehab but there was a lot of termite damage. I did the numbers. The higher and the better use of it was not to do a bungalow but to do a two-story bungalow and go over with more living space that would have been a smaller footprint. I’m learning construction lingo, too. We’re doing that big rehab or big new construction there and we’re going to flip that. I was thinking if the market is a little slow when it’s time to sell, I might Airbnb it out because there’s one Airbnb right down the street for $400 a night. It’s going to be nice and then also we have our rentals. My fiancée and I are buying and holding.

How many doors do you have?

We have eleven. We’ve sold a couple and rebuilding backups. My job is going out and building up private money to buy more of those. That’s what we’re doing. Rehabbing something and keeping them for rentals. We’re also building new construction like Kashmere Gardens and Trinity Gardens. Sunnyside was my thing. I started talking about Sunnyside several years ago. I was telling people about Sunnyside. There were few people in Sunnyside years ago and now, everybody’s over there. A lot of my rentals are in Sunnyside. That’s where we did it. I was looking for a new area and I found the Kash. We’re picking up lots anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. I got one locked up for one of my students at $5,000. She’s like, “I’m talking to a seller. Give me the phone.”

I locked it up for $5,000 for her. I bought it for $19,000 or $14,000 or something like that from her and we’re going to do new construction there. We finished up two new constructions. We’re getting these lots doing new construction and I’m thinking about selling one of them and keeping the other two. I’m trying to figure out the patterns. That’s exactly what we’re doing. New construction all the way up for the big flip thing. Buying and holding some of these smaller new constructions and rehabs and then wholesale business is always running.

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Over the Kash, believe it or not, in the smaller units, we’re getting $1.30 per square foot for rent.

It’s crazy. That’s a Class A rent in the Kash.

We’re a little bit lower.

We’re $1.25.

Were at over $1 because we were 1,100 something square feet and renting it for $1,300 something.

The piece that we’re missing, and maybe you have it, is we need someone who can tell us, “I can take this lot. I can go ahead and let you build four duplexes on it. I can go to the city and I can take care of all the re-planning on this. Here’s a number. We don’t have that guy. We need that person. Neither one of us have time to figure that out. Somebody has 10,000 square feet lots in the Kash and I’m like, “I could put $3 on there and build a little community.”

That’s exactly what we were thinking about if we got the bigger lots because we were talking to somebody and almost had one on Northway side on a modern lot, an acre, for $80,000 or $85,000. We could build four fourplexes. Keep it from being a commercial build. We keep the cost down and everything and then build a little playland in the middle or some center area. That’s exactly what we’re thinking. That area is turning so fast.

There are still these green fields everywhere there.

It amazes me inside how many 1, 2, 3-acre lots are sitting there. I don’t want to call it infield because it’s inside the loop. There’s a lot of opportunity there.

It’s easy, the power lines are right there.

It’s simple. Maybe you want to call the guys at plans and permits.

Anyone reading, if you know a person, please go ahead and direct message us. We’re looking for someone who can take that lot, replot it and make sure that we can use the highest and best use of that property. I don’t want to have to be building 2,000 square foot houses on a 10,000 square foot lot. We’re building about $100 a square foot. A little bit less.

About $85 to $95 per square foot.

You’re doing ground up. You also got flips and the wholesaling. We’ll talk about your education because you’ve been doing that for a while too.

I’m trying to make a switch up on that too.

That’s how I met him. We did his classes and signed up for the group.

This is AC Ramos. He’s going to be with us joining us once a week so make sure you’re setting up for that. Take a look at That’s our website. Learn more about AC there and the time he’s going to be showing up. It’s going to be exciting to have him in as our first influencer. He’s been branded the wholesale guy, but for sure he knows a lot about everything in real estate. You want to make sure that you’re connecting with him. You’re listening to him because he will have his own podcast. He’ll be on our page. He’ll be doing Facebook Lives and YouTube lives. There are tons of ways to reach out to him. If you have any questions for him, text him at (281) 401-9008.

TRE 106 | Wholesaling Business
Wholesaling Business: Don’t just be another real estate person. Make a difference and care and contribute to the success of others.

You also do some education. We figured out that it’s about 5,000 students.

About 4,500 to 5,000.

Tell us what that model looks like for you and what you’re providing to the group.

First of all, it started as a mission to care and contribute to the success of others. I was about 33 years old thinking, “I’ve made money in real estate. I didn’t want to be just this real estate person,” especially with my past and everything that I’ve gone through. I know that can be a stigma to some people. I was like, “How can I make a difference?” My first business partner, Tim Mai, who got together with me and I was on his show. We had lunch and we just hit it off. Our common goal at the time was to care and contribute to the success of others. That’s how it all started. We started doing seminars, sharing the information, then seeing if anybody wanted to be in our mastermind to do the business because we were doing the business. From that point on, we had so many students that cracked six figures. Now we’ve had several students that have become millionaires because of that business. That’s more of an impact. When we close a $50,000 deal and a student closes a $10,000 deal on the same deal, I’m more excited about the $10,000 deal because we just had a student close a $10,000 deal that makes $30,000 a year at their job.

My little joke is I’m more happy with the free pancakes on my birthday than most any other gifts. I go, “I want to get free pancakes.” They’re celebrating those other little things because what we’re doing is day in, day out. It’s a churn and for you whose mission it is to contribute to the community and help people raise some people up to have someone come and make their first $10,000, the first time I was ever going to do a five-figure check, that can be emotional for everyone involved.

Especially when they quit their job. Their first check and then being able to quit their job are the two big milestones that I get a kick out of. I am an emotional guy. I have students that will make me cry. Sometimes, my eyes are watering. I had a student, Cynthia Sample and her husband Ron. They were looking at buying a regular house, a KB Home. They ended up buying a house in a $1 million gated community where Mattress Mack used to live. “It’s going to save you money.” That’s marketing to his beds. She called me one night and she was like, “I want to thank you for what you’ve done for our lives. We would never be in this house.” They owned a business that took a lot of their time. She said, “I’d never been with my family on Christmas.” They had a catering business and she was always working on Christmas. They were high in catering. She says, “Now we have a lifestyle that we get up when we want and we work when we want.” That $1 million house flooded and they did one deal and made $100,000 on one real estate transaction that they did. That paid for their rehab on their house because they didn’t have insurance. She’s like, “What business can you do that in?”


The impact is great. That’s my kick. I’m getting a little bit older. I’m starting to shift stuff up to go more to the mastermind layout where I can spend more time with my mastermind students and less of the one-on-one.

What’s that going to look like for you?

You'll do more for your children than for anybody else. You’ll do more for anybody else than you will for yourself. Click To Tweet

I’m still trying to figure that out and this all got brought on because between me and my fiancée, we have five boys and one girl. We have her stepdaughter who’s close with our family too, Sammy, who’s always around. We have another girl so at least she won’t feel so alone. It’s definitely a lot of testosterone.

This AC Ramos. If you want to get in touch, text us on (281) 401-9008. Please let us know. He’s going to be joining us one time every week. This is exciting for us so make sure you guys check it out. This is the Texas Real Estate Radio Network. If you’re interested in wholesaling, text ‘wholesaling’ to (281) 401-9008. We’ll connect with AC’s team. He’s got regular education every month that comes up. It’s probably the best three days you’re ever going to spend learning this stuff. He’s absolutely a master at what he does. He has 5,000 students and he’s produced big-time seven-figure earners in the real estate business.

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