Happy 4th! with Co-Host Robert Orfino

TRE 46 | Real Estate Revolution


Let’s go down memory lane in this 4th of July episode with Jason Bible who celebrates his real estate anniversary by taking us to his humble beginnings – from grooming his image for marketing and getting his first client, to rolling his money to buy more and more houses. Jason and co-host, Robert Orfino, hand out some advice on how not to fall into the credit trap, and share some experiences in helping unfortunate hopefuls raise their money from the ashes and recover from debt. In line with nostalgia, they also take a deep dive into history and talk about the war led by Washington from 1775 to 1776 that is believed to be a business owner and real estate revolution.

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Happy 4th! with Co-Host Robert Orfino

I was driving in, I was leaving Sugar Land. I live right there in the first colony and I could tell who was at the office. People were pulling into Methodist Hospital, it’s like, “How can you work on a holiday?” I’m like, “I’ve worked on every holiday.” It’s just how it isThere is no one on 59. I don’t think I see a single car. There’s plenty of space available up 59We’re running around scurrying around town doing Airbnb stuff. I made a big order. I’ve got to tell you, I was impressed. You have figured out, you have hacked. I’m starting to hate that term, but all the marketing gurus are using it. You have hacked how to furnish a house affordablyWhen you told me how much you paid for mattresses and beds, I’m like, “I don’t know, Rob. I don’t know about all that.” I was going to order all Casper mattresses for the house and then I went out there, we were putting the rest of the bed together and I threw the mattress on there and it’s one of those foam thingsIt’s got to breathe for a couple of days. It’s not even fully inflated if you willI jumped on it. I’m like, “This is pretty nice.” It’s not as nice as my Casper has been. I’m like, “This is close for a third of the price.” 

It’s going to be nice for about 66% of our guests will have a better mattress, if that makes senseTwo-thirds of our guests are going to be like, “This is better than my house.” You get tied into that big hole in the mattress where your body fits perfectly and you don’t realize how hard it is on your back and all that stuffYou sleep on our mattress. You’re like, “That’s good.”  

The other thing I was thinking too, I was ordering pots, pans and plates, all that nonsenseI thought, “Do you know what we need to be doing in our Airbnbs? We need to be branding them. When they’re there, it’s like, “Do you like this mattress? Here’s where you can order it from,” or “Do you want to learn how to run your own AirbnbThis is where you contact for more information,” all that stuff.  

There are guys who do that.  

I figured there would be.  

We got the guy coming. I’ve set it all up. I booked the hour. 

It was good time down in Surfside and even with the AC on, I was still sweating to death.  

There is that Gulf of Mexico film that settles on your body. I’ve experienced it on Sanibel IslandI’ve experienced it in in the Panhandle when I was there for spring break. It settles on you. You understand why everyone’s wearing a loose cotton t-shirt. It’s funk on you. It’s not coming off. You embrace it. You go down there with a cotton nylon mix, it’s no good. You’re in troubleThat little funk settles on you and you’re like, “I’m at the beach.” That’s not a Jersey Shore funkThat’s something that’s grit and suntan lotionHere in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s got that little layer on you. You’re like, “I’m at the beach. That’s how it is.”  

It might have something to do with the hot water.  

For sure how hot the water is. It’s a Caribbean thing.  

I noticed that when I was in Florida, we were coming out of the bay, we were headed five, six miles offshore to do some fishingYou can see when the wind comes in, you get that sand. They’re so light, so it picks the sand up, but then you see this mist if you will that comes off the water. It pulls that 80, 90degree water right off the top and it sits on you. There was definitely some of thatThe surf was wild for some reason. I’ve never seen it like that beforeWe got stormed three times when we were down there.  

It’s raining every day.  

It’s a rainforest down here. It’s supposed to rain every daylot of people, I don’t know, it seems like it rains a lot. We had a little drought.”  

Isn’t Texas all desert?  

Not this part, but most of Texas 

It was sold on one in California.  

It’s like California. Once you get five miles from the coast, it’s a desert too.  

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It’s horrible. It’s miserable there too. Don’t tell me Riverside is nice. It isn’tI live in Corona. I’ve got big in Corona. That sucks out there. 

Do you want to hear a funny UC Riverside story? I knew some guys that were faculty over there and we were at some conference somewhere at a happy hour hanging outHe said, “One of the deals you have to do as a faculty member is you’ve got to serve as a faculty advisor on the student committees. This poor guyThey’re trying to find the group that’s the easiest to work with. I can’t remember which club this guy was a part of, that he was the faculty advisor forHe said they made this bumper sticker and it said something like, “UC Riverside. You weren’t our first choice either. I was like, “That’s great. He said, “We even let them print them up and everything. Administration usually shut that down. UC Riverside, you weren’t our first choice either. I was like, “That’perfect.  

Our fraternity advisor was staffIt went like this. Every month to tell this guy. For the longest time we had a former brother who worked for the collegeThat was perfectHe went to another college and we got this random dude. He’d be like, I got this thing in my mailbox,” because back in the day it wasn’t email friendly. It was like, “Did you guys get caught with a keg in the library?” It wasn’t a keg, it was a beer ball. It was like, “No. All kinds of that stuffWe put that guy through hellHe dropped out after two semesters.  

He was like, I don’t think we’re a good match here.  

We got the assistant dean who assigned himself to us and it turned out he was pretty fun. He was a party guy. He was a big, hard, tough guyThey were like, “We brought him to our parties.” He would show up at our partiesThey’re all offcampusHe didn’t careThis guy was a huge drinker. We’re like, “We found the right guy. He was a sports guy, former football playerAnything that had to get on fire, there was nothing. No one in there was having thatBeer was fine. All the beer you could drink. There was no problem thereWe tortured our advisorsI was older because I took some time off and I came back and had a real job and I could speak to them on an adult level. They’d be looking at me like, We’re not going to do that. They’re like, “What? I’m like, “We’re not going to do that. I know you’ve got to make someone else happy, but I don’t care. This is going to hurt us and we’re not going to do that.  

They’re like, “Rob, you’re no fun anymore.  

Twenty-one22 and 23, I went to work for a few years full-time. I didn’t go back to college until I was 25. I was 25 and they were like, “You use the old dude. Make him talk to everyone. I didI’m like, “We’re not going to do that. I’ve got a credit card if you need it. I’ve got better credit and more money than the teachers I’m talking to.  

Every now and then I think I’d like to go back and do a little adjunct, teach a class here, it’s smuch fun. Graduatelevel is a lot more fun. The undergraduates are all clueless, half of them are hungover half the time trying to get through. The graduatelevel is a little bit more fun. 

Kathryn did a lot of teaching too, always adjunct around here and there. She’s got the prestige.  

We’ll get back to real estate. We’re going to hook this right back aroundThe best faculty I ever had were those that came from private industry, but who also had the academic credentialsThey had a PhD in management, they had a PhD in finance and they ran their own companies or CFO somewhere or somethingThis was their second careerThey were like, I’m retired from Nabisco and I’m going to spend the next few years getting my PhD. This is the twilight of their careerNow they’re sharing realworld experience and then they’ve got the academic piece on the other side.  

I always thought if I do this, that’s how I want to do it because the stories, it’s so much more relevant. “Let’s talk about modern portfolio theory,” and you go through the academic pieces. “Let me share with you what this looks like in practice when we start building these things and how we sell these products and get investors and that sort of thing. I always thought if I ever get into that, that’s what I do, which is very similar to what we’re doing here with the American Real Estate Meetup and Mr. Texas Real Estate. We‘re not waiting until we have several years experience in real estate and we stand up and say, I’m worth a gazillion dollars. It’s, “Let’s share with you what we’re doing now. We’re a handful of steps ahead of you, plowing the trail. You guys can come along with us for the adventure.  

For a couple of reasons. One, we know that this market shifts every few monthsIf you’re waiting for several years or you’ve got a guru or coach who hasn’t done real estate in the last few years and only coaches down, there are plenty of them, they are out of touch. The market has shifted from what they know. I talked to a guy on the phone. He’s like, I think I’m going to do foreclosures. I was like, Where are you going to do that?” It’s their all-time low. People are paying their mortgages. There are new trucks. All the toys are in the driveways.” Haven’t you seen the economy booming?  

Go to the mall or go out to dinner, hang out or go to the lake. It’s allnew boats and $80,000 trucks. It’s like, “What slow down?  

Some guru grabbed them and said, “You should do foreclosures.” I’m like, “You’re a few years out. You can’t do that. He’s like, I’m finding it hard. I’m like, “Of course you are.  

The only foreclosures I’m seeing is distressed stuff. A lot of it’s flood houses. It’s like, “What are they worth? You get into this game. One of the things I always found fascinating from the real estate guru standpoint is let’s make short sales. Let’s do foreclosures, let’s do pre-foreclosures, let’s do probateI’m like, “Those are tax liens. Those aren’t real estate strategies.” Fourth of July is my real estate anniversary. It’s my New Year’s. My first day in real estate, technically the last day with my last real employer was July 4thThat’s when we started Houston House Buyers, which is now all over the place here in Houston 

I’ll give you a quick recap. I quit my job and I’ve done a handful of properties before that. I quit my job to pursue real estate fulltime because one of the things I recognize with exception to home investors and a handful of other real estate businesses out there, there wasn’t anybody that was using real business strategy to build a real estate business. We had put together a people plan, a financial plan and marketing plan and all that other stuffThe last few months of 2013, we bought seven houses and made about $500,000. We immediately took all that money and cashed it and then put it all over a bedspread and took pictures in front of it at the Bellagio. I went out and rented a Lambo. I’m making it rain.  

You snuck in an airport and got a picture in front of a private jet.  

TRE 46 | Real Estate Revolution
Real Estate Revolution: This market shifts every six to nine months. If you got a guru or coach who hasn’t done real estate in the last five years, then they’re out of touch.


I got my sideways flat, brimmed hat, all that nonsense. We immediately took that $450,000. I hired our first employee January 15th. We put all that money right back into the businessIn 2014 we bought 67 houses and then we started buying more and more. That’s how we got startedWe got started at $40,000. That was it. It was $40,000 and we started spending money on a lot of postcardsThat was it. I think we had another $10,000 startup. It’s still about $50,000 to get a business started, which is cheap when you think about it. It’s pretty cheap compared to what we’re doing now.  

It was $150,000, wasn’t it?  

What do you mean?  

You paid $100,000 in education.  

$100,000 in education and $50,000 in startup expenses$150,000 is nothing.  

Most people think the education part is starting the business. I paid a fortune weaver off the bus type fee, $40,000. $35,000 for the backpack. $50,000 for the up. That’s how I start my business and that’s not.  

You hadn’t started anything yet. 

No, you haven’t done anything. You just signed up for the videos.  

That’s like saying I paid for four years worth of college upfront 

I paid twelve years of higher education to get my medical degreeI’m a doctor now.  

No. Sorry. You still got some licensing that you’ve got to pass. 

Three years of onthejob training.  

That’s not fun OJT either. You could see those poor guys, they got the short coats and they’re walking around the hospital.  

The guy who was on Rogan about sleep was talking about that. He started studying sleep because he did his residency at some hospital here and they worked him 48 hours and he’s like, “This is not the way it’s supposed to be. At the end, you start making bad decisions and you’re messing with people’s livesHe did his whole sleep study. We were big fans of Joe Rogan’s podcast.  

Any case, that’s how you get started and you get going, but it’s not, I’m getting started.” I’ll tell you the little dirty secret word and we do it here. That’s why our real estate mastermind program is so cheap because we know the $7,500 check you write is not when you start. It’s the check you write when you buy your first Airbnb, when you buy your first rental property, when you buy your first small apartments. That’s where it starts. We were talking before about these couple of guys here in town. They’ve got this $50,000 real estate education program. We know these guys in there. They’re atrocious and I’m like, “I wouldn’t give them ten minutes of my time, let alone $50,000.” I guarantee you their pitch from the stage is to learn how to do whatever it is they’re doing. Get me $50,000. It’s like, “What? Are we buying a house? What are we doing?”  

They do the credit card thing, which is an outright shame on them.  

I’ll give you guys a little pro tip here. If you’re ever in a real estate seminar where they say, “This is how you expand your credit and we’ll help you get credit cards.” This will happen day one. You’ve been in these rooms more often than I haveDay one they’ll say, “We’ll show you how to get credit and you can call your credit card companyCall them right now and get your limits increased. If you guys listened to Merrill at CreditSense, it’s one of the worst things.  

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It takes years to recover from that 

You call up your credit card company and say, I need $30,000,” whatever it is, but their coaching package is $50,000. They have credit card applications at the back of the room that you could fill out, you’d get credit instantly so you could pay for their real estate education program. It’s absolutely disgusting.  

I know guys who do that now. I don’t think they understand how devastating what they’re doing. I think the handful of people we’re talking about right now don’t understand how devastating that is or they wouldn’t do it. I don’t believe they would do it on purpose.  

I don’t believe they’re bad guys. They’re financially illiterate.  

They do not understand how devastating that is to people 

Think about this. Here’s one for you. You’ll be thinking about this all day. You’re about to write a guy a check for $50,000 to show you how to build a real estate business and create wealth, yet they’re so financially illiterate, they do not understand what they’re having you doThat whole credit card thing will destroy you for yearsWhen I was over at Right Path, we would have people come in all the time that had $40,000 to $200,000 in credit card debt from real estate education.  

I told you, the woman at the bar who’s crying. I’m hugging her and she’s crying because they made her pay up to $75,000 in credit cards. 

I’m like, “Here’s what we’re going to do with you. Step one is we’re going to get you wholesale some deals so you can get rid of all that stuff immediately. The problem is that it impacts their borrowing capacityYou’re starting from less than zero.  

You are in a hole. They only can wholesale 

You can raise private moneyAt the end of the day I’m like, I wouldn’t want a private lender working with you. lot of times they say, Come on by the office. We’re going to put together a doorknocking program and you’re going to go knock doors until your knuckles bleed because you’ve got an $80,000 headwind we’ve got to get rid of in the next couple of months.” We’ve gotten them out of it. They’re like, “It’s so great. Now I’ve gotten rid of that debt. They’ve learned this great work ethic in real estate. They start buying a little flip here and thereThey buy rental properties. Those folks, it takes several years for them to be able to retireThat’s why we say on this here, and we’ve caught a lot of flak about it. We’re like, “If you’re going to do real estate the way we do it, you’ve got to make a little bit of money. You’ve got to have some money in the checking account and you’ve got to have some good credits. Otherwise you’re going to be doing real estate not as an investor, but as a business. You’re going to be a real estate agent, a wholesaler, a flipper.”  

There are some great shows that they’re some of the best wholesalers and flippers in town. If you want to do that, that’s fine, but that’s not real estate investingReal estate investing is holding onto these things. It’s actual investingThe IRS has a definition for this stuff. That’s why longterm capital gains are taxed differently than earned income. Anyways, to go back to this whole thing, what we want to talk about is how you earn your freedom. 

I’m going to talk a little bit about 1776. It‘s a fantastic book by David McCullough. You have to read this bookIt’s a good listen too, it’s definitely on Audible. 1776, about our independence and all. It‘s always a struggle. In 1775, the guys up in Massachusetts, those rowdy guys, they’re starting troubleBunker Hill was in 1775. The Siege of Boston is from 1775 all the way through. Boston is under siege and they send Washington up there at the end of 1775 to figure out what’s going onThat’s where the book starts, where he pulls the troops out of New England, he goes to New York, gets his butt kicked in New York, he retreats all the way through New Jersey. He’s getting his butt kicked all along the way. Washington, he’s losing every battleWinter comes and it’s freezing. At the end of 1776, Washington crossed Delaware and he wins three consecutive battles against the Hessians and the troops on Christmas Day. That book is absolutely amazing because of all along the way they’re losing. The first few years, we lose almost everything. They won maybe ten battles the entire war.  

The other thing I’d like to do is I like to use some modern term, what Washington the boys were doing. They were terroristsThat’s the modern equivalent of what they were doing because they were terrorizing mother England. 

They’re terrorists when they’re fighting you and your freedom fighters when you do itThey were absolutely fighting guerrilla warfare against the standup army 

The other thing to consider too is everyone in the colonies was all behind Washington.  

30% of the population wanted freedom. 30% were against it30% said, “Leave us alone. Were farmers.  

I’d say it was a very small percentage. 

TRE 46 | Real Estate Revolution
Real Estate Revolution: The revolution in 1776 was a business owner revolution because of taxation, no representation, and seizure of properties.


It was the business owners. This was a business owner revolution because of the taxation and no representation and the seizure of propertiesThat was a big problem. Rich guys and property owners got together. It was all exactly what it isbunch of rich guys owned businesses and property and said, “We can’t allow this to happen.” The farmers out in the Ohio valley and all these other places kept farming 

What’s fascinating is when you start to dig into Washington and the formation of the country. One of the things they figured out is if we don’t break away from England and if we don’t become isolationists, we will be little more than a third world agrarian country to Europe. He figured out early. It was like, “If we don’t separate ourselves here and build our own business, our own economy, then we’re going to be subservient to all of these much more advanced nations for the rest of eternity, which is fascinatingA big push of the early Congress was to industrialize as much of the country as they possibly did. 

They did that in the northeast. That’s why Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, these are all industrialized states for hundreds of years later. It the retreat rep. In New Jersey, there are scores of Washington slept here houses because he keeps retreating. He’s retreating fifteen, twenty miles every dayHe sleeps in Elizabeth. He retreats another fifteen, twenty miles and hsleeps in Woodbridge. Another twenty miles, he’s in Princeton. Another twenty miles, he’s in Franklin TownshipHe’s retreating all along the way. There were a lot of those early wars all over New Jersey. As a kid, you’d just get absorbed in that stuff and you don’t even understand it. You read a book like that 1776 and you’re like, “Now I get it.” There’s a thing called Washington Heights. It’s where he would watch his demise. He’s like, “Here come all the ships in New York harbor. I’m deadHere come all the troops and they’re marching in.” They’re going to take Long Island and they’re going to take Manhattan and it’s all overHe’s got to get to New Jersey. He gets devastated in New York. He loses that battle and retreats at Elizabethtown. He’s losing, he’s running.  

All the while, the Congress was like, “Hold it together, because they’re at a onethird minority. We got it. We’ve got to get somethingFinally, on Christmas, he crosses Delaware and he wins, seizes a lot of those ammunitions and goes back to Valley Forge and freezes his butt off. They have thatAfter that, they have a strategy of a two-front warThey’d have a southern front in Virginia, they have the northern front where they’re going to lose in the north, but they keep pounding away in the south. They don’t let Cornwallis leaveThey’re like, “Hold them there, that way we can do it. All Congress is doing then you were suing for peace. They don’t even think they’re going to winNo one in Congress thinks we’re going to win. We’re like, “We’ve got to sue for peace. We’ve got to keep going until we’re in a position where we can negotiate,” and then they win.  

They win and then what happens? The Madison papers are fascinating when you read some of that. You wait and then you go, “Now what?” Which would be funny to be able to go back in time.  

I don’t think most people realize that the independence war was a few years. It was a long warIt was guerrilla tactics over and over, fight from the edge of the woods. The fact that the continentals could shoot twenty yards further than a British musket was our only advantage.  

Twenty yards is huge 

We wrapped them in silkThat was the thing and that was our advantageWe did have the materials that kept hanging out at the end of a few years. At the end of a few years when we try and figure out what’s going on. In 1812, the British come back, kick our butt again, burned the White House down. We always forget that war. It was a fire in the kitchen. It wasn’t the British. They were deep-frying a turkey.  

I was reading something that said, “A days travel by horseback was 25 miles. I’m like, “That’s a short bike ride. You realize how small the world is. It’s amazing 

The roads were part of the problem. Troops could do fifteen to twenty. Washington, why he survived was he pushed those guys 25 miles a day. You sent the cars out at 4:00 in the morning and you’d catch up by noon, have your lunch and keep going in the car to get in the cab. You keep running.  

It’s not like they had the foodstuffs we have now. It’s not 3,000calorie MREs and that sort of thing.  

It was corn. You made mush. A lot of thatYou see a deer and kill a deer. A horse dropped dead and we’re eating horse.  

You start looking back, you realize those are some hardy dudes 

It was one out of threeHalf of them take off that first winter. “We’re not sticking around.  

People are dying here. 

They literally had no boots in the snowThey had to wrap their feet. It’s insane.  

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1776 by David McCullough. There are a lot of analogies between that and real estate. You start this career and you start doing some things. You’re like, I’m going to buy a couple of houses. You keep at it, you get bigger and bigger and maybe get into apartments and get into lending. Now you’ve got this big companyI think the takehome message is that you don’t stopYou keep going and you keep plodding away at it and eventually you’re going to end up with what you want if you do it long enough 

What’s the quote? “Most people don’t fear failure as much as they fear success. Success means you change your life.  

I think the ultimate problem with success is that success now makes you accountable to othersI don’t think most people are prepared for that. You start becoming successful and you start becoming really successful, then you start looking at, “How am I accountable to the community? Should I go run for public office? You start having these discussions internally. A great example, Mattress Mack here in town, an icon of Houston. I firmly believe he’s one of those guys where he does all this stuff because he’s like, “Who else is going to do it? I’m going to do it. He’s now accountable because of the level of success he got. He doesn’t have to, but when you get to a certain point, you start looking around, you go, “Maybe I’m accountable to the community at large, not just my family, my business partners and all that other stuffNow I’m accountable to the entire community at large. 

We have thirteen people we are accountable to right now in our businesses. Thirteen and we’re about to add three more peopleIt will be sixteen people we’re accountable for a company. It does get a little stressing. You’ve got payroll to make. We’ve got insurance and all those other stuffsOnce you have success, then you have to shift. You’re running up the hill, now you’re at the top. You’ve got to go figure out what you’re going to do from thereMost people want to keep running, which is why people shift their businesses every three years. They love the run. I built the grind, I’m in the grind. That’s all I’ve been built for. Now you’ve got to sit on top and you’ve got to manage itThat’s terrifying to people. 

I think that’s the scariest thing for most people with success because then you don’t have any excusesOne of the things that become more grating to me every day is when people start talking about, “My job is so horrible. My boss is awful,” and all that other stuffI haven’t had that conversation in a few years. I don’t even know what that looks like because you’re ultimately accountable for your own successWhen you begin to dawn that level of responsibility, you just look at the world completely differently.  

The only advice we have for them is the advice they can’t take, which is quit your job. Go ahead and quit. Go find another job if you don’t like that. “I can’t do that. Good luck to you. 

I used to tell folks to stay to drive them nuts. “Jason, I want to be a fulltime real estate investor.” I’m like, “Quit your job. Start tomorrow.” They’re like, “What? I need this safety net and that safety net. I’m like, “You’re not that serious.” If you’re not that serious, it’s not like you signed a Declaration of Independence essentially was your death warrant. You’re not that serious. If you’re not that serious about it, then what are you doing in this room? Here’s what I’ll tell you. If you’re not that serious about it, then it doesn’t matter if it’s I want to do this and this and build my passive income and then leave, because it still takes that same level of commitment. The actions don’t have to be as extreme, but you still have to have that same level of commitment. 

For that flipping wholesale world.  

Rentals and stuff like that are a little bit different, but you’ve still got to take it seriously. 

What you did back at Right Path is you brought people in a room and you’re, “This is your new business. This is your new life and this is what it can look like.”  

It’s not going to be easy at first, but it will get better. You’ll build a great business, but this isn’t an overnight success and there will be a lot of sacrificesOne of my favorite things, Jordan Peterson. I’m reading through his book. I’ll probably get a chance to read through a little bit of it. He has this great analogy in the second chapter about chaos and orderHe said, “What most men do is they spend the now to bargain with the future.” Instead of spending time hanging out with your buddies, you’re doing graduate school at nightI love how he puts that you’re bargaining with the future. You are making enormous sacrifices now in order to bargain with the future. Meaning that the future will be better than it was now based on the sacrifices you’re makingI always thought was the way he says that bargaining with the future because we can’t predict the future. We’ve got all these tools that say the house is going to be worth this and it’s going to rent for that and Airbnb is going to do this and allThe reality is that we’re making sacrifices now financially and time-wise to be able to look forward and say, “We’re bargaining with the future because we are confident that this is what’s going to happen in the future.  

He also pointed out something. He saidMen focus on things, items and women focus on relationships. That is so true, which is why a lot of guys lack relationship building. I’m not talking about male or female. I’m talking about business relationships. If you could add one more skillset. Usually people are good at two things and if you could add a third, you’re a Richard Branson. Most people, it’s the third they’re missing is the networking and that business relationship. They don’t understand how important that is.  

I’ll give you the two skillsets. It’s the business relationship and then we can talk back and forth on what the third is. It’s the business relationship pieceOne of my favorite Dave Ramsey quotes, although I’m not a big fan of everything he says, one of my favorite quotes of his is, “If you learn a second language, preferably it should be math. If you’ve got some pretty decent analytical skills and you’ve got the relationshipbuilding piece, I think whatever that third skillset is, it’s probably specific to your industry or whatever it is that your skillset for whatever it is that you do in that business. I agree with that. Guys want to show up like, Give me your contacts. No. That’s not how that works. My favorite is financingI’m looking for the cheapest money. I’m like, That’s the worst. That’s not what you’re looking for.  

I think the other 4th of July thing that you should do is watch Team America: World Police, which is perhaps one of the greatest movies ever made. It’s right up there like BenHur, Star Wars and Gone With the Wind. It is the satirical movie of a century.  

My favorite part is how they troll Matt Damon the whole time. 

It’s hilarious. I think if that’s on, for sure watch it or find it somewhere.  

The unedited version is going to be the bestPlay it for the kids.  

TRE 46 | Real Estate Revolution
Real Estate Revolution: The ultimate problem with success is that success now makes you accountable to others.


The problem is I love that movie. I think I’ve told you the story, but every time I’m like, “Kathryn, you have to watch this movie. It is so smart. It is genius. The satire is amazing.” Every time she sits down, it’s the scene where the guy’s in the alley and he’s just throwing up, the pea soup is everywhere. She’s like, “I’m not watching this. I’m like, We’ll get past this, please. It’s a total spoof on all this action stuff.” She’s like, I’m not watching it. She gets up and she leaves, I’m done. 

I watched it last time and that is all I watched.” You had the wrong scene.  

Read 1776, David McCullough, then watch Team America: World Police 

It’s great.  

love that scene when the Eiffel Tower falls on top of the Louvre and the arch is falling and they’re like, France, we saved you,” and the French people are like, “What is going on?”  

Maybe we’ll do thatIf you want to join our mastermind or club or you want to be a part of any of the stuff that we’re doing, we focus on longterm rental properties, Airbnb and small apartment complexes. That’s what we’re doing to build our portfolios at businesses. Shoot Robert a text message (281) 401-9008 and we’ll get you that information. I think we had three or four people sent me messages about mastermind stuff.  

We’ll be back in Surfside. If people want to help, we’ll be down there around 11:00. It will be a quick little run.  

A big thanks to everybody that’s come out to help. You are welcome to come out there and see the Airbnb and we’ll give you a mop. 

We’ve got a couple more sheets that got to go up and a few more things arrive, but we’re almost done there.  

I will tell you this, we’re not putting furniture together in any of our future Airbnbs. We’re learning that lesson now. Buy prebuilt stuff.  

Give us a text, (281) 401-9008.

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