TRE 114 | Real Estate Changes
  It is hard to make changes, but at the end of the day, it is all about moving forward, going backward, or staying the same. In this episode, Robert Orfino helps set us up with basic flow charts, routines, and checklists that can help us get through changes in the real estate space. He talks about the change of going from stock markets and mutual funds into being a landlord holding property. Listen to
TRE 116 | Portfolio Update
  How are your investments doing these days? On today’s show, Jason Bible brings us a portfolio update as he talks about what it is that they are buying, the kind of deals they are doing, and what they are investing their money in. He explains the cashflow of their properties and highlights their recently bought units in Corpus Christi. Talking about their favorite deal in 2019, Jason shares what made it a bang for
  What is your marketplace experience? How much cash does it require to do a deal? These are some of the key questions in an investor survey that Jason Bible is conducting. In this episode, Jason takes a breather and talk about his favorite cars. He also tackles the importance of doing an investor survey for single-family real estate investors, sharing what he believes will be the results. — Listen to the podcast here: Investor
TRE 113 | Tesla In Texas
  When a big name enters a big city, everything around it gets bigger and most likely, more productive. With Tesla in Texas, jobs will mushroom and other industries, especially real estate, will thrive. Robert Orfino talks about the opportunities Elon Musk can bring to their playing field. With Tesla’s giga factory, Texas will be a stronger contender in the market. Listen to Robert as he discusses Tesla’s innovations and so much more! — Listen
TRE 111 | Airbnb Short Term Rentals
  How can you have more cashflow from your Airbnb short term rentals? In this episode, Jason Bible and Robert Orfino are joined by George Salas to share some tips on how to achieve this. George is a real estate entrepreneur and Airbnb specialist who helps real estate professionals increase their cashflow through Airbnb. Discussing the crucial aspects of rental properties versus Airbnb, he shares the three models for entering this space. He also deep dives into
TRE 110 | Disrupt Your Business
  It’s only natural that time and time again, there will be uncontrollable factors that seem to come out of nowhere that disrupt your business. The trick is learning to seek out any problem spots and iron out the deficiencies to keep the ship running. Jason Bible and guest co-host Robert Orfino look at the different factors that can disrupt your business in the field of real estate. You have to be careful not to
TRE 109 | Stock Market
  In this episode, Jason Bible and Robert Orfino talk about investing in the stock market. Most people may not know that there are five stocks that make up 18% of the stock market. If you invest in the stock market and another economic downturn happens, what do you do and where do you go? If the market went up 25% the previous year, why do people only see an 8% to 12% return in
TRE 108 | Buying And Holding
  Things change pretty regularly in the real estate business, as new trends dominate the marketplace each year. For the Southeast Texas market, flipping is essentially passé and buying and holding is becoming the most profitable trend. In this episode, Jason Bible and co-host Robert Orfino run the numbers to show why flipping does not work anymore. In the same thread, they also discuss why buying and holding properties is a great opportunity for enterprising
TRE 107 | Abundance Mindset
  “You can be whoever you want to be.” “The sky is the limit.” Yes, we’ve heard all of these before in all those seminars and investment education sessions. But this abundance mindset does not necessarily reflect the reality of the real estate business. You have to do all the hard work, learn skills, and put your money and resources in order before you can even think about succeeding in the real estate investing world.
TRE 106 | Wholesaling Business
  How would it feel to lose everything to the point that you’re actually forced to live in your aunt’s storage room? Today’s guest, AC Ramos, knows the feeling very well as he joins Jason Bible and Robert Orfino to recount the story of how he got through that initial loss and became a master wholesaler and influencer who has had over 20 years of success in the real estate business. AC Ramos is the
TRE 104 | Free Real Estate
  Is free real estate really free? In this four-segment episode, Jason Bible and Robert Orfino will help you understand what free real estate really is, including commitment and time levels. They specifically discuss the three parameters on how much time it takes to get the real estate to become free, as well as the resources that you will need to bring to the table. Listen to this part-by-part discussion as Jason and Robert talk
TRE 103 | Tesla Model 3
  Who would not want a Tesla Model 3? This car is simply one of the best the industry has to offer. Gone were the days when people would shun Teslas because of their low mileage, as Tesla takes efficiency to new heights with their superior battery technology. In this episode, guest co-host Robert Orfino of Mr. Texas Real Estate joins Jason Bible as they extol the virtues of this magnificent vehicle and how it

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