TRE 70 | The Real Lessons
  In order to become invincible in real estate business, you have to convert financial assets into real assets. This is the real reason. In this episode, Jason Bible recaps what happened in the previous episode about what’s going on in the currency markets and currency wars. He provides helpful tips and strategic ways of building your wealth. He also shares fascinating experiences and stories on his journey to business school and provides some great
TRE 69 | Economic Wars
  What are you going to do if there is an economic war between the two largest economies in the world? In this episode, co-host Robert Orfino discusses the effects of currency wars and trade wars between China and the United States to the real estate world. He also provides tips and ways on how to deal with expensive real estate when the wars break out. Join Robert Orfino as he provides insights on the
TRE 68 | Real Estate Market
  In the real estate business, the more you learn about dealing with unknowns, the more you learn about strategies and skills. With this, you can then build your own real estate empire. In this episode, host, Jason Bible, provides tricks and strategies into building your wealth in the marketplace as you face the seemingly scary unknown head on. He also discusses some of his personal deals—from package property deals to doing Airbnbs—and provides tricks
TRE 67 | Liability And Asset
  The liabilities that you have can actually make you richer if you get creative in making them into assets and find strategic ways to afford them. Host and rental property investor, Jason Bible, together with co-host and real estate investor, Robert Orfino, provides insights and strategic ways on how to turn your liability into an asset. They also share some of their personal experiences on doing real estate deals and eliminating mortgages. Join Jason
TRE 66 | One Million Dollar Deal
  In real estate, you have to learn from experts and rely on their expertise to guide you into closing top deals. Host Jason Bible and co-host Robert Orfino are some of the few experts you can lean on when it comes to going through the nooks and crannies of real estate, especially in Texas. In this episode, they happily share the story of how they made a one-million-dollar deal. They talk about the many
TRE 65 | Real Estate Market
  The market is always shifting. That is why you need to equip yourself with different strategies that will allow you to ride through it. Host Jason Bible and co-host Robert Orfino have the path that will take you to success in real estate against the changing market: Mastermind. They invite you to check out their mastermind while sharing some of their deals and insights about the economy. They also shed light on appreciation and
TRE 64 | Real Estate Deals
  Finding good deals in real estate is all about doing good marketing. In this episode, host Jason Bible and co-host Robert Orfino provide insights and tips on how to effectively market for real estate deals. They talk about single-family real estate investing along with the changes happening in the market. At the end of the day, an excellent real estate investor takes what the market gives and applies his skills in a way that
TRE 63 | Broke Millionaires
  Success is found in the nuances and identifying what the differences are, and then executing on those opportunities. There is a lot of money to be made and has been made on these little differences. Coming back from a two-week vacation visiting the State of Utah to hit the Big Five National Parks, Jason Bible shines the spotlight on broke millionaires and talks about three things that are a big miss for most business
TRE 62 | Joint Ventures
  Some people think that going into joint ventures is a way around SEC. Think again. In this episode, Robert Orfino dissects the parts of a joint venture to help you fully understand the roles and responsibilities associated with being in one. He also touches on funding strategies, insurance, and getting things on paper. With an accurate mindset, you can appreciate why being in a joint venture is better than a partnership. — Listen to
TRE 61 | Southern Investor Traits
  Oftentimes, it is ideal to scan through off-market deals because you can actually find some treasures from those. In this episode, Robert Orfino chats with their wholesale liaison, Charles, about these deals. As door-knocking is almost becoming an obsolete tactic, they share their sentiments on how to close deals these days. They also talk about their Disney tours with family and friends, and how meetings on wholesaling at a café in the theme park
TRE 60 | Market Trends
  The real estate industry has evolved and has adapted apps that go as far as generating listings and calculating investment risks. In this episode, Robert opens our eyes to market trends that are actually happening before us. He notes that consumers Orfino will always be eager to adjust to whatever is new in the marketplace and this is what many investors are doing especially with wholesaling. As the convenience of technology lures many, transacting
TRE 59 | Managing Projects
  Real estate project management requires more than just supervising your crew, handling paperwork, giving feedback, and checking materials. There is so much more to it that you must understand, especially on the product, material, and budget monitoring aspect. In this episode, Robert Orfino lets us understand the importance of learning contracts inside out and buying the materials yourself, thus ensuring the quality that you expect. He talks about how to work closely with contractors