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Jason Bible, Mr. Texas Real Estate, and Robert Orfino, Mr. California Investor, share with you their journey in real estate investing and working with buys and sellers of real estate. We will discuss landlord investing, wholesaling, flipping, lending, banking, money and finance. Take the journey through with Jason, Robert, and their guests as they share their no nonsense approach to building wealth with real estate.

Recent Episode

TRE 85 | Real Estate Rates
  When interest rates go zero or negative, what do we do? In this episode, learn about the trend of the rates in real estate and what happens to it when interest rates go negative as Jason Bible and Robert Orfino talk about the previous economic recession, how it relates to real estate, and how it could possibly happen again. Diving into how the overflow of cash in the economy affects the real estate market
TRE 84 | Practical Real Estate Investment
  With all the help and workshops on real estate going around, we need to be vigilant and aware of the things that can truly help us and those that we should ignore. Being practical with our investments in real estate is a good and safe way to start. Through their mastermind, Jason Bible and co-host Robert Orfino offers their help on how you can break into the commercial financing space. In this episode, they
TRE 83 | Wholesaling
  In this episode, Jason Bible and Robert Orfino talk about a wholesaling event they’re holding where they have three single-family homes up for grabs, insisting that if one thinks that the market is expensive at present, it will be more so in the future. Stating the fact that letting educators convince people to stay out of the space will allow you to get up to 30% on cash return, they discuss what you can
TRE 82 | Finding Real Estate Deals
  In this day and age, deals are hard to find and you must go places in order to find one. In this segment, Jason Bible sits down and talks with co-host Robert Orfino about the wars on cash and the smart ways to find deals in the real estate business, providing effective tips and great pieces of advice about finding deals in the market place. Join Jason And Robert as they impart their knowledge
TRE 81 | Negative Cap Rates
  Is money really becoming worthless? Jason Bible and Robert Orfino give a wrap-up on the Quest Expo and all the crazy stuff going on as a result of negative interest rates and yield curve inversion. They share their sentiments on how buying properties years ago was still beneficial despite the crisis that passed by. Moreover, they talk about negative cap rates and what happens when the global market has lower interest rates. Sit back
TRE 80 | Risk And Reward Relationship
  The world of real estate is filled with the dynamic between risk and reward. As an investor, it is your job to manage the relationship between the two. Even more important in this day and age, Robert Orfino discusses the recession that is about to come and how you can get yourself prepared for it. He then talks about cap rates and provides some effective tips and wonderful strategies in making profits and being
TRE 79 | Hiring In Real Estate
  Hiring someone should not be based on their skills alone; instead, it should include their attitude and their belief in your system. Host, Jason Bible, and co-host, Robert Orfino, discuss hiring people in the real estate business and provide critical insights that would help you find the right ones. What is more, you could even join their team. They share some of the positions they are looking to fill and give out important pointers
TRE 78 | Anchors And Buoys
  There are two types of people in this world when starting an entrepreneurial career: the anchor that holds you down and the buoy who lifts you up. In this episode, Jason Bible and co-host, Robert Orfino, talk about the anchors and buoys and how to know which one to be and which to let go. They get down to identifying the people in your life that you must hold on to lift you up
TRE 77 | 100th Show
  It has been 100th episodes already! For the past couple of months, Texas Real Estate has brought you effective and wonderful tips, tricks, strategies, and creative ways in order for you to build your own real estate empire. On today’s show, Robert Orfino talks with Casey Eberhart about some of the best deals that people miss out on and where you can find them. They also stress the importance of building relationships with the
TRE 76 | Taking Action
  As entrepreneurs, our job is to manage the relationship between risk and reward. The key to dealing with risks is to take action. Taking action, in turn, can bring you closer to your goals. In this episode, Jason Bible and Robert Orfino talk with entrepreneur Casey Eberhart about taking action. They point out some effective ways of dealing with recession if such an event will happen in the real estate industry again. Providing insights
TRE 75 | Finding And Keeping Private Lenders
  We are always building networks between deals, that is why building relationships is important in the real estate industry. In this episode, Jason Bible and Robert Orfino talk with entrepreneur Casey Dean Eberhart about finding and keeping private lenders. Casey discusses how to develop relationships with private lenders and keeping those relationships strong. He also touches on why investing in a crazy business is risky. Join Jason, Robert, and Casey in this episode and
TRE 74 | Your True Net Worth
  Network is the most valuable asset in a company. In this episode, Robert Orfino talks with entrepreneur Casey Eberhart about your true net worth which is your network and how you can effectively build them to provide value to your business. Casey says if networks are built and done correctly, it can be a never-ending source of leads, opportunities, and capital for you to build your own real estate empire. Listen to Robert and