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Jason Bible, Mr. Texas Real Estate, and Robert Orfino, Mr. California Investor, share with you their journey in real estate investing and working with buys and sellers of real estate. We will discuss landlord investing, wholesaling, flipping, lending, banking, money and finance. Take the journey through with Jason, Robert, and their guests as they share their no nonsense approach to building wealth with real estate.

Recent Episode

TRE 61 | Southern Investor Traits
  Oftentimes, it is ideal to scan through off-market deals because you can actually find some treasures from those. In this episode, Robert Orfino chats with their wholesale liaison, Charles, about these deals. As door-knocking is almost becoming an obsolete tactic, they share their sentiments on how to close deals these days. They also talk about their Disney tours with family and friends, and how meetings on wholesaling at a café in the theme park
TRE 60 | Market Trends
  The real estate industry has evolved and has adapted apps that go as far as generating listings and calculating investment risks. In this episode, Robert opens our eyes to market trends that are actually happening before us. He notes that consumers Orfino will always be eager to adjust to whatever is new in the marketplace and this is what many investors are doing especially with wholesaling. As the convenience of technology lures many, transacting
TRE 59 | Managing Projects
  Real estate project management requires more than just supervising your crew, handling paperwork, giving feedback, and checking materials. There is so much more to it that you must understand, especially on the product, material, and budget monitoring aspect. In this episode, Robert Orfino lets us understand the importance of learning contracts inside out and buying the materials yourself, thus ensuring the quality that you expect. He talks about how to work closely with contractors
TRE 58 | Millionaire Trends
  The United States has the most number of millionaires per square mile. You can be one, too, if you adapt to the financial habits these rich people have. On today’s show, Robert Orfino encourages us to be millionaires in smart ways through real estate investments. He talks about some trends that are happening and how the economy is being very good according to the book called The Millionaire Next Door. He lets us in
TRE 57 | Real Estate Buyer Events
  Mr. Texas Real Estate team has evolved through the years, all thanks to people like today’s guests. We have two rock stars from the team, Linda and Cindy, and they walk us through the light amidst the chaos in the real estate market. They tell us about the interloop and what’s going on downtown in those areas as far as real estate development. They also share how they interact with some folks who are
TRE 54 | Finding Good Properties
  There is an eighteen-month window of opportunity for real estate investors to find good properties and Robert Orfino shows you how to take hold of it right now. Learn about the immediate steps you need to take from increasing your FICO scores to finding the right properties. Robert also shares tips on how to spot motivated sellers and how to be on the right mindset about the economy that will drive you to start
TRE 53 | Entrepreneurship Mindset
  It’s Mindset Monday! That means we are going to get our weekly dose of learning as an entrepreneur in this day and age. Host Jason Bible discusses the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur and getting into that mindset. He shares the two things entrepreneurs do – earn or learn. Centering on entrepreneurship as a real estate investor, Jason shares all the learning and earning you will have to go through in this path. Get
TRE 56 | Houston Association of Realtors
  Being a broker and real estate agent requires a whole lot than a license to sell because it is also about being experienced and well trusted by clients. As a seasoned broker himself, Russell Simmons teaches on how you can map out your life as an agent or broker and be able to go on vacations with all the passive income that you have. One of the things he recommends to enjoy this kind of
TRE 52 | Being A Landlord
  The real estate world is too vast that learning its ins and outs can take years of experience, especially when you are a first-time landlord. Thankfully, professionals like Jason Bible and Robert Orfino exist to guide you through your wonderful journey of making homes better and worthy for you and your renters. In this episode, Robert teach the basics on how to be an exemplary landlord – one who can basically differentiate between a
TRE 55 | Mechanics Of A Syndication
  With this age of information comes a wave of bad financial information that only makes more problems for people. Passionate about leading people away from all of those, guest Jillian Sidoti of Private Money Rockstar explains the mechanics of a syndication and the legal part of raising money. She teaches how to get the right accredited investors by sharing how you can create a great profile and imparting to investors the 3 Ds –
TRE 51 | The Mastermind Concept
  Contrary to what many think, there are no self-made millionaires or billionaires. No matter how you got to where you are, there are definitely people who helped you in one way or another. This is what host Jason Bible believes in putting forward the value of a network that is cultivated in masterminds. Together with co-host Robert Orfino, Jason talks about what the mastermind concept is and why it is used for about almost
TRE 50 | Houston Airbnb Taxes
  If you are from Houston and have Airbnb units and you’re mad because the government is going to tax you, don’t be. Jason Bible and Robert Orfino give the reasons why you shouldn’t go berserk over this new law. For many states like Vegas, Airbnbs are banned and many other areas and establishments such as hotels are fighting over its legalities. Jason and Rob strongly agree that the new tax is a good thing