Predictions About The Future Of The Texas Market With Co-Host Robert Orfino

TRE 174 | Texas Market Future Predictions


With all of the things going on around the country, a lot of uncertainties in people’s minds are sure to build up. In an effort to ease that, Jason Bible and Robert Orfino talk about their future predictions about the Texas market. Taking into account Elon Musk’s and Tesla’s relocation to Texas, they discuss the possible changes that will come along with this move. They also share their insights about the differences between Texas and other states such as California and how it all boils down to people’s mentality. Know what it’s like in Texas during the Coronavirus pandemic as they share their experiences going around the state and the impact it has on businesses and the laws of Texas.

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Predictions About The Future Of The Texas Market With Co-Host Robert Orfino

Rob, we can welcome Elon in the fam.

He has an option on the land.

Do you think it’s a $10 option? Elon Musk has been taking real estate classes. He went to a guru. He’s buying a property here in Texas. SpaceX is here. He’s got an option, probably a one-page contract he got from a real estate guru. He put a $10 option down for 2,100 acres in Austin.

He’s going to wholesale it to his own business.

Elon is going to wholesale it to his own business and then pocket the rest. On another real estate Elon news, I didn’t hear the factory news until you had told me. I saw that one of his Beverly Hills properties is under contract for $12 million, more than what he bought it for in 2012. I’m like, “That was many years ago. It makes sense. It’s worth that much more now.”

It’s 2,100 acres and he has an option on it. He has gone to the state and to the county to ask for a school tax exemption. It’s $68 million a year.

Give me a little breathing room here, the first ten years or something.

That will be Cybertrucks. Cybertruck will be made here in Texas.

We’re building electric trucks in the hippie town and the semis.

The way they’re stamping the metal out there.

I got a friend that bought a new car and the problem is they’re trying to ship it from California and she’s trying to get an update like, “When’s the car coming over?” It’s a BMW. They got back to her and said, “We’re having a real problem in getting cars out of California.” She’s like, “What’s the problem?” They said, “Shipping prices have gone through the roof because Tesla makes them all on the Fremont facility and sends them across the country.” It makes sense that they’re going to have to start putting stuff in the center of the country, like Texas. Especially since all the trucks are going to end up in the south anyway. We’ve said this before. There’s no way that they’re not going to build it here in Texas. It was like, “Where’s it going to be?” He’ll fit in well with the Austin crowd there.

They already own 1 or 2 small tech companies out there that they’ve been working with and on the self-driving.

I meant for him and the, and his girlfriend’s family, they got to find a crib somewhere around there.

What’s the child’s name?

The real name is like Maribeth or Elizabeth or Joanie. He did that to get Twitter all fired up.

If they get the exemption, I’m sure they will. The other thing he is asking is the car franchise law. They got to get rid of that so that he can sell Tesla’s here.

I’m willing to bet all that stuff will disappear out of the ether if they could get rid of those blue laws where you can’t sell on Saturday or Sunday, which is ridiculous.

Are there still blue laws here? Not in Harris County.

The dealership for cars can only be open Saturday or Sunday.

I relate blue laws to booze. There’s no way they’re shutting liquor stores down here on Sunday.

Liquor stores are shut down here Sunday. That’s one of the reasons why they don’t sell liquor at grocery stores. Spec’s is closed on Sunday. I’ve noticed is that Louisiana seems to be a little higher liquor sale. All those folks after Katrina moved here, it was a total shocker like, “What do you mean? You can’t buy Crown at Walmart.” I’m like, “You got to go to the liquor store.” They’re like, “It’s closed on Sunday.” I was like, “You guys only watch football on Saturday anyway, so what’s the matter? You’ll just watch Elliss. You don’t watch the Saints.” There are lots of these laws in the midst of the Coronas. Tim is going in the bunker. Did you hear he bought a gun? He’s like, “I got a real Pro-2A along with all my liberal friends here.” In any case, they were talking about laws that don’t make any sense. That didn’t make any sense before but have been repealed or put in advance since Corona, like being able to carry home liquor from restaurants. There’s a handful of these other ones that they were going through.

As a restaurant, you cannot serve package goods.

Now, you can. Cincinnati opened that up. “Do you want a to-go margarita?” I’m like, “Of course.” I used to get in trouble for this. You can take a to-go, a traveler, a little roadie with you. It’s this Corona stuff. It’s ridiculous. Now, we’re hearing about the school schedule.

What’s the school schedule? I love traffic.

They’re talking about going to like some a hybrid schedule where they’re at home, which sounds like at homeschooling, which my 3% tax rate, two thirds of that goes to the school. I’m like, “What are we paying for exactly?” We don’t have all those facilities to pay for anymore.

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There’s a pension fund somewhere.

It’s a busted-up pension fund. In any case, there’s some hybrid schedule where they’re going to go to school part-time, they’ll be at home part-time. It’s going to be a real mess.

The school starts at 11:00 AM. That’d be perfect. You get your kid there by 11:00 AM and get them home by 3:00 PM. We’re all good.

Get off the road. Maybe staggered by the school district. I got to hand it to TxDOT. Those boys are working because I’ve been driving around this town and they’re shutting stuff down and opening it up. They are cranking out the roads as fast as they can. That 59 Galleria interchange has been a mess.

The 59 has taken forever.

They’re all tenure projects.

Do you have the site?

It’s northeast of the airport on the other side of 130, closer to 71 and there’s 290. The reason it’s by the airport is he wants to come in with his plane, hit the office and get out. He’s asking for $68 million over a decade in tax relief. They’re going to grant him all this stuff. They’re going to end up building Teslas here. If you think real estate is expensive now, wait. You better start looking. That’s like Southeast Austin. That’s not exactly a great side of town in Austin.

You can go in there and start picking up some flips.

You can pick up some rentals. I’ve always been a big fan of all the little towns off of 71 and 290. We do have a 60-something unit. We can go back and have a conversation. It’s not that far from here. You can bet all those little towns that are up 71 and 290 you are going start getting popular. I got to buy that Hill Country house because that’s where I wanted to hurry down here in Austin. Elon is going to be here. They’ll build that fast. They took care of him at SpaceX. They’re going to do the same thing for him to be here and they’re going to bring all these other jobs with him. Do you hear that sucking sound? It’s everybody leaving California.

There are thousands of jobs coming to the Austin area.

I was reading another story and this is Corona and riot-related up in New York. They are moving in droves out to Philly and Jersey. There was an interesting article that said, “Our McMansion’s back.” They crashed in 2008. These are above 4,000 square feet.

5,000 square feet with a bonus 1,500 square feet above the four-car garage, big tall ceilings and 9-foot doors. I live in a McMansion of the top of the day. That’s where I think I am in. Where I live was the McMansion in ‘78.

The biggest house I ever flipped was almost 7,000 square feet. One of the things I realized is what’s a giant pain is when you’re going from the primary to the kitchen. It’s that walk from your bedroom to the kitchen. That’s the only difference in a house that big.

What did your buddy say about the reading glasses?

You got to have your readers in every room.

It’s because you don’t want to walk all the way back up to the bedroom to get your glasses.

I’m not walking back to the other wing to go get my readers. When he goes out and he gets glasses, he orders ten pairs.

That was good news. I was happy to see that. The key would be there as they can roll Cybertruck and semis off that raw production line fairly quickly, meaning in two years because both of those products do not need paint. One of the hardest things to do is to set up your paint room correctly.

Tesla is horrible at paint.

For five years, they had a problem setting up their paint room because, in Fremont, it was the paint building over to the assembly building. When they moved in and out, there were dust particles that constantly got into the building. It wasn’t a big self-contained unit like the Gigafactory in China, which is a self-contained building, the paint will be much better.

I don’t know how they do it on Tesla, but how they paint most modern cars is it is ionized paint. They stick them in a bath, a part of it’s to decontaminate it. Part of it ionizes the metal. When they paint it, they have anion from the paint. It sticks. It’s not only sticking physically, but it’s a chemical bond. That’s why you don’t see cars that are 10, 15, 20 years old that are rusted out as you did 10 or 15 years ago like Nissan. They always do. In the Altimas there are clear coats that are missing. It’s no secret that they’ve had huge problems with paint. Now that all their trucks are stainless steel, you don’t need it.

Someone else goes to powder-coat it somewhere.

Since it’s stainless, it’d be a lot easier to powder-coat.

TRE 174 | Texas Market Future Predictions
Texas Market Future Predictions: If your business is contingent on networking events and getting a whole bunch of people in a room, it won’t happen anytime soon. It’s still a huge problem.


They’re just not. They are running out all-metal that way with the clear coat. They’re good to go. That cuts down the paint room, which means they can expedite fast. I watched an expert. He takes apart cars. He reverse engineers competitor’s cars, puts a report together, and sells the report for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He looked at the Cybertruck and he said, “I can’t even see them using a stamp machine. The way that it’s designed is going to be bending metal.”

If you go to an auto manufacturer, typically they don’t see the stamper. It comes from a subcontractor. When I was at Porsche, you could see the stamped material comes in and they slap it on the Porsche. These guys are going to get the raw metal and bend it, slap it on and go and move.

He was saying was, the process will be a lot easier and that the Cybertruck has an exoskeleton. It’s all bunch of pieces together and the frame of the truck is what you see. It makes it lighter, which means it can carry more batteries, can shift a load. It’s probably one of the smartest designs he’s ever seen.

With an exoskeleton, it solves a lot of the crash test problems and solves the capacity problem. It’s like being able to put enough people in gear and all that stuff inside because your frame is pressed to the outside of the vehicle instead of being inside.

Everybody’s waiting for the battery day and it got pushed again. Now, it’s going to be after July 4th, 2020. You don’t know what’s going on. If I’m getting a million-mile battery pack, I’m going to wait. That’s what everyone’s doing.

Elon is not a fan of these press releases with no people at them. You could tell when he was doing the launch.

I haven’t seen one of those.

He’s not a fan. He wants all the people back.

Let’s talk a little about that Donald Trump rally, how it relates to your business. It wasn’t packed. 70,000 or something like that, but they had nearly ten million online. I was watching the deal with Tim Pool last night and he talked a little bit about why he thinks that is. A lot of people like confrontation, but they don’t want to bring their family and everybody down there and people are still worried about Coronavirus. However, if your business is contingent on networking events and getting a whole bunch of people in a room, it didn’t happen. It’s still a huge problem. If Donald Trump can’t fill a stadium, who can at this point? I’d love to have an event with 1,000 people at it, but they’re not going to come.

Who do you think can fill a stadium with 80,000 people? If all things being equal, you have to sign a release like at the Donald Trump rally. You’re not going to sue Penn State and you go to Happy Valley. Can you fill up that stadium? I don’t think college football or the NFL. The Cowboys, Texans can’t fill that stadium. He did something and they weren’t allowing people in there. If the city and the state said, “Go at your own risk and sign a waiver.” Not to sue anyone, who do you think can fill a stadium?

The Pope could do it. It’s already ripped through Italy. I don’t know who could put 80,000 people in a stadium. Possibly, college football. I’m not a big college football guy. When does the season officially start?

In late August.

NFL season starts in September 2020.

I paid for my tickets.

Did they come with any warnings? We may not have a season or any of that stuff. Fauci comes out and says there’s not going to be an NFL football season. Donald Trump goes, “Hold on. They’re short stuff. We’re going to have football.”

Look how messy the baseball season is. The owners have agreed to everything.

NBA is doing the same thing because the players association signed off on it and league management signed off. All of a sudden, there are these protests. We needed to have some distractions here. You need to get back to work. You need to get back to play and we need a little entertain entertainment here before people go insane.

The country is going crazy. Liberals are buying guns, which are like, “We don’t ever want that. That’s not good.”

What did Tim Pool say? Something like 60% of purchases was brand new gun owners.

I was looking for my Gloc 19 modified fire Gen 5 modifications. I can’t buy it. It’s sold out.

There was a Gloc Day.

I saw a big billboard down at corporate that says, “Gloc Day June 12.” I was wondering if they were going to get a turnout or not. You have to wear a mask for Gloc Day because that’d be scary. Everyone with a gun and a mask.

Technically, if you guys look at your CHL stuff, you’re not allowed to wear a mask while carrying. That is a felony. I know it’s not legal. You’re not supposed to wear a mask when you are concealed carrying.

Is it like the package goods though?

They’re like, “Thank God. Somebody is armed around here. We can’t handle these Antifa dudes.” Are we doing protests here in Houston anymore or are we done?

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I think we’re done. Let’s not call for that.

Can I go downtown again?

You could have always gone downtown except for one Friday afternoon.

What was that one day, where all the bars were closed? I’m like, “What are they close for?” The Uber driver’s like, “They’re having protests.” What does that have to do with anything? They were like, “They haven’t closed. They are boarded up.”

They are cracking down on bars. I was back in Corpus and the bar that I had an hour wait on because it’s got an awesome happy hour, half-price oysters, half-price sushi rolls and $4 drinks. The first time I went there, it’s an hour-long wait so I drove to the beach and they texted me and I drove back. This time five-minute wait, complete social distancing, tables with big X’s on them, “Can’t sit anyone here,” everyone’s spread out. You couldn’t even wait in the lobby. We’re told to wait in your car. It’s interesting how the one-week difference. We saw the spike and that freaked people out. I saw on the news that they’re closing bars there. The city’s coming in and saying, “We’re temporarily pulling your liquor license.”

I had a similar experience but it was like it was pre-COVID. People and dogs everywhere. Mario and I go out Friday, this is afternoon. I was like, “Let’s go.” We went to one establishment. They broke out the temperature guns and there were three people there. I’m like, “Let’s go to this other place.” Somebody had walked in and did the full social distancing thing because we walked in and we were like, “There are a bunch of cars in the parking lot, but it’s that full.” It does look like the city is cracking down on that. I was down during Father’s Day at the Flying Saucer. It does the same thing. They have a sign that says, “Due to government ordinance.” They put it right on the shoulders of those guys. They’re like, “We have to do this and you’ll have to be waiting to be seated.” It wasn’t supposed to last this long.

Yes, it was. There’s no cure.

There’s never going to be a vaccine.

There are 150 companies working on a vaccine.

There will never be a vaccine because there’s more than one strain of COVID-19. They’re not going to be able to load it back.

We’re talking real estate, current events, Tesla, and SpaceX.

If you guys think real estate is expensive now, just wait because Elon isn’t the only rich guy looking around and go, “California sucks to work in.” It’s a beautiful place to live, terrible to run a manufacturing company.

They are talking about the massive Amazon place up in Dallas. That looks like it’s coming down in our hunting ground. The count’s still at $60 billion worth of projects coming to that town.

In Corpus Christi of all places, $60 billion.

A $2 billion steel plant is about to be built down there.

My guess is it’s going to be feeding SpaceX and Tesla, as well as the oil industry, whenever they come back to the forefront there. If you’re waiting for the next real estate collapse. It’s not coming anytime soon. There is nothing out there that says a huge crash is coming. Absolutely nothing.

Let’s do a little comparison here because what I think we have seen here is the biggest difference between California and Texas in my mind is the mentality because my taxes are as high here. When you have a property tax and the school tax, and I have a water tax. I’ve got all these little sub-items, all these taxes. I’m like, “I am paying as much as California, except they’re taxing my $300,000 house, not my income.” There’s a comparison of disposable income, but there are still taxes. Everyone’s like, “No taxes.” I’m like, “That’s awesome.” There’s traffic. It’s not as bad as LA, but there’s certainly traffic. In my understanding, driving from San Antonio to Austin is horrible.

When they start talking about all this high-speed train stuff, you need a train from San Antonio to Austin before you need it from Houston to Dallas. 35 is a nightmare. Now that you’ve got Elon in the backyard.

He has to drive down to San Antonio. He had put that tunnel in no time.

Elon jumps in one of your Model S’s and then ripped down to San Antonio. He’s going to do that with the family one day. It’s like, “Let’s go look at the Alamo.” He’s going to go, “This is ridiculous. I’m going to build a tunnel because the water table’s high there, it’s all limestone.” It’s like, “I’m going to build a town from San Antonio to Austin.” He’s like, “I’m trying to do my Elon acts. I’m going to put it in the backyard of the Alamo.” He’s going to say something crazy.

California’s got it wrong. They think there are no environmental regulations here. This is probably one of the cleanest states I’ve ever seen. You can eat the shellfish out of the water here. That is a big-time indicator of how well the state is regulated as far as the water and the air.

You can eat the shellfish out of the water that is not too far away from where we’re drilling and pulling natural gas and oil out of the water?

The impression that you get is wrong. In Jersey, you cannot eat the shellfish. There are clams everywhere and there are big clam and mussel farms. They have to take them and literally, they’ll take boats of shellfish and take them down to South Jersey and they bring them up the bay a little bit. They wash them and soak them for ten days where the water is cleaner and then you can eat the shellfish in New Jersey. Here in Texas, how many shrimps you can take out of the water, which is crazy. I saw people go shrimping and they’re chasing the shrimp around at night. It clearly is that attitude. When I talk to people from Texas, they made it sound like this was no regulations at all. I’m here now and I’m like, “There are all communities everywhere. There are all kinds of deed restrictions.” This is as restrictive of a place as anywhere, except for guns.

The difference is its industry that’s driving that. If you’re down at Surfside and I’ve hosted tons of people down at Surfside and they’re like, “Are you worried about all these chemical plants?” I’m like, “No, because these guys live here in Surfside. The guys that run the plants got boats here. They don’t want whatever’s coming out of that plant here.” The other thing is there’s a huge cost issue associated with it and not environmental but from a production standpoint. If your plant’s leaking and smoking, it’s not running at peak.

TRE 174 | Texas Market Future Predictions
Texas Market Future Predictions: If you’re waiting for the next real estate collapse, it’s not coming anytime soon. There is nothing out there that says, “Huge crash coming.”


On top of that, there’s usually about 5,000 yards between you and the leak versus Long Beach in California, where you’re walking down the street and the is right on the other side of this chain-link fence. It’s right there. The same thing in New Jersey. You land in Newark Airport, it’s all right there. Down here, there are massive land barriers around the plants. I would want to welcome you from California to Texas. I would also like you to understand that it’s a big state, it’s a clean slate. It’s almost immaculate compared to the other states I’ve lived in.

I was blown away the first time it was in LA, how trashed it was. When you’re driving around LA, I’m like, “I thought this was hippie town. It is disgusting.” Even some of the worst streets here in town, it’s nothing compared to what LA is. LA is ridiculous.

The impression that folks get when they’re talking about moving to Texas is to the most part wrong. People are very nice, very welcoming here. They’re not fake like in LA. There are lots of fake folks out there. These are honest folks and reserved here. You can understand the conservative part of it. It’s not like the Westboro Church. That’s what the people think they’re getting here. They’re physically conservative and happy with it as now. Let’s not do any massive changes. That’s the conservativeness of it, like plastic bags, that happened overnight in California. Plastic bags are gone overnight. Everyone was like, “We’re going to deal with it. We’re going to play a little bit here.” I don’t think that could happen overnight here. Every day was like, “I don’t know. Let’s think about this. Do we need it?” It’s the mentality more than anything else. This is a beautiful state and now that we’re spending more down at Corpus and driving through county roads, it’s gorgeous. California is beautiful too, but the difference here is the cities to me are cleaner than the cities in California.

If you compare it to some of the big cities across the US and travel a lot internationally, you start to realize it’s not that the weather is not great here for about eight months a year. Outside of that, it’s decent. Elon’s not going to be here for the weather.

The summer didn’t save us. There is some link to vitamin D, which is sunlight.

If you have not seen the video with Joe Rogan and Bret Weinstein, I highly recommend that. Bret is an evolutionary biologist who specialized in bats. If there’s ever an argument for nature versus nurture, there’s a whole lot of nature of those guys because they’re both ridiculously smart.

One could argue it would’ve been nurture. It could have been at the house they both grew up. My in-laws are insanely smart. I can tell you the one major factor that made my wife and my sister-in-law smart. There was no TV in the house. They grew up with no TV. The old man kept one TV in the closet and he pulled it out on Saturday to watch college football and that was it. They get to watch The Day After Tomorrow, you might’ve been too young for that. They got to watch special things and speeches, but they had no idea about anything that was on TV. They missed the whole MTV generation.

Growing up, I don’t think we had cable. There was a lot of that stuff we didn’t see.

They were given a massive course of reading starting at four years old.

We’re not open yet.

A couple of things that are happening inside my head. There is going to be a portion of the population that wants to stay at home and work. I don’t think it’s the worker, but it’s the boss. The manager was going to get more done at home than he is running around from suite to cubicle.

I don’t know if you were in the busy closing documents, but I was asking a lot of questions. You’re right, because I’m like, “Who’s coming into the office?” What I’m finding in a lot of these businesses, in fact, most of them, the management team, senior management team, and the principals are never coming into the office. They’re getting much more done.

They’re not distracted with, “What color should this be?”

“We’re going to go do X, Y, and Z. John stopped by and Bob’s here.” They don’t get to do any of that.

“It sounds closing. Come on out.”

This was interesting because I’ve been chatting with Closer and it almost seems like business is normal. She said, “We’re doing the same number of volumes. It goes from refis to purchases.”

She made an interesting observation about wholesalers.

For businesses, it’s somewhat normal except for, “I got to wear this mask and we got to talk behind this face shield.”

I’m wondering how many people are going to the office and is business as usual? What industry is that and what job is it? How many of you are going to the office and business is as usual? We want to know. How many of you are back up to normal? What work environment looks like it did in 2019?

You’re right. On this whole management thing, I don’t think they’re going to come back to the office.

Some are feeling that they’re becoming more productive. My thought has changed a little bit on that. I don’t believe that there’ll be a cure or anything.

There’s no vaccine. There’s a handful of versions of this thing that are running around all over the place.

It keeps mutating and then there’s a problem.

Here’s how I think it will roll out. We will identify the deadliest strain and then there will be a whole lot of money poured at preventing that strain. For the purposes of the market and the election year, one of these gets fast-tracked and we claim that this is the end-all be-all vaccine. It won’t have that high efficacy. It will be relatively high, but not. That’s going to be my guess from a moral standpoint. That’s a conspiracy theory, but I believe it will be true. Let me put it that way. It wouldn’t shock me at all.

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The best way to deal with all this is to get lots of cashflow and create wealth through real estate. I watched that whole Joe and Eric, my wife and I turned to each other and said, “We need more rental properties.”

I watched it that Bob sent me and then I watched Tim Pool go apoplectic. He was dropping F-bombs on his podcast. They were bleeping it out. He was enraged. He’s like, “This is going to get much worse.” I watched Tucker and he had some great points. He’s like, “This is not a protest.” He let this slip out. He’s a sharp guy. Right in the middle of his fifteen-minute monologue, he says, “The first civil war.” I was like, “Are we going there?” Tim Pool’s point was, “All of you guys been to the wheel of Corporate America because you don’t want to lose your job.” I don’t know anyone who agrees with this nonsense. These protests and these protestors are ridiculously extreme.

Eric had it right. There are no demands. It’s, “How far can I bend over the general public?”

Here’s what’s scary because Eric is not conservative. You got Eric Weinstein, Joe Rogan, Tim Pool and Tucker Carlson saying it. He was saying the same thing.

We have a problem because it’s no longer about George Floyd, which was horrible and poorly-trained cops.

It’s not about cops at this point.

It’s not. Now, it’s about we’re going to tear down all the white Jesus statues. We’re going to smash all the stained-glass windows in churches. That’s the pushback. The pushback will be ten times worse than the push. All of a sudden now, it’s pent up. It’s like, “We can deal with the protest. We understand the anger. We get it, Dave Chappelle. We got it, but now you’re coming after my church and we’ve got a bigger problem now.”

I’m painting this thing as to how I see it. When all this started, it was one of the most disgusting things I think I’d ever seen. I don’t know why it bothered me so much. Do you remember when Al-Qaeda took over Iraq? When they went through Afghanistan and they started taking over portions of Iraq. One of the first things they did is there were all those ancient religions around there and they destroyed all of it. They blew them up. They defaced them. Whenever I see this, I equate it to terrorism. It’s not that you can’t even coexist with history, with the people. You can’t coexist with what these people used to be.

It’s the same thing that Mao did when they took over China. They kick the Buddhist out. It’s the same thing. They tear it all down, so no one remembers. No one will remember there was a Civil War.

If you truly are pressing for equality, the last thing you want to do is forget the Civil War. You don’t want that to happen.

We are doomed to repeat the sins of our fathers. We’re doing it. It’s happening right in front of you.

They’re tearing all this stuff down that’s all I can think, when I was watching those videos about Al-Qaeda blowing up all of that stuff in Afghanistan, Northern Iraq, many years ago. What’s my point? There was a fantastic article that got written and I put it on the Mr. Texas Real Estate Group and it said, “Five states that essentially grow rapidly and explode economically.”

Florida, Tennessee, Nevada, Texas.

Why is it great here? Nobody’s setting our buildings on fire. They let that run around Dallas a little bit. They let them tear down one statue at Dallas Airport. They let them run around downtown a little bit one night. After that, I was like, “Did you get that out of here? Are you good now? We’re not going to let you guys do that. This is going to be Seattle, where you’re taking over downtown. That’s not going to happen.”

Texas is one of those states that is going to grow rapidly out of this. It’s not just the protests, it’s the Coronavirus stuff too. Especially, when we look at the craziness that’s going on in New York. I didn’t know this. It was something Tim Pool brought up. One of the reasons that the virus ran rapidly through New York is when they had an outbreak in a nursing home. If they took those individuals out of the nursing home, if they look like they were better, they put them back in the nursing home. I didn’t know that. That was news to me.

Here’s the problem. We have a little trend out there of anti-science. The problem is it’s coming from people who had known nothing about science. In the early days, we know nothing about it. We’re trying to figure things out. We’re trying to do the best protocols we can come up with and then it’s mocked on social media as if this isn’t real.

Tim said something interesting, “The vast majority of the people that were arguing with, the knowledge gap is great.” Which is the point I’ve been making on social media because there are a couple of folks that have gone out hard? I’m like, “You don’t have a fundamental understanding of science, so you are trying to make this your point.” Let me encapsulate your point, the word novel. Most people do not know what the word novel means. It means new. We don’t know anything. It’s ripping through the population. China who has the most egregious human rights violations, shut their entire country down, at least a good portion of it to combat this thing.

They don’t care about people. When I saw that in February 2020, that’s why I was like, “When it comes here, this is going to be crazy.” I thought Tim’s point was perfect where he said, “Most people do not have enough knowledge even to have the discussion, but then they get on social media.” I’ve noticed a lot of this is abated. “It’s a fake virus.” Now, they’re sitting on their doorstep here in Houston, “Maybe it’s not fake.”

Just because you can flip a house doesn’t make you a scientist.

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That’s what I came to that realization. I was watching it, all the social unrest stuff, Joe, Tim and Tucker. I went through the catalog from one extreme to the other and they were all saying the exact same thing. When Tim dropped that, “Here’s the problem. Most people do not have a basic fundamental understanding to even start a discussion.”

Here’s my problem. The discussion we’re having is not about bending will to the government. It’s not about freedom. It’s not about any of that stuff. It’s about human life. That’s the conversation that we’re all having. Your interpretations and your applied commentary to how people are living and dying is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen from people that I had great respect for. It’s horrible for me. I have to shut my mouth over and over because I only have a few years left of this.

There was a guy and he’s a good friend of mine. He had this list of how many people died from different diseases. In the beginning, he was like, “More people have died from asthma in this country than COVID.” I’ve seen people try and redo that list, except now they left off the bottom twenty causes of death because it’s moving up. My question is always this, “Whoever you are, what number of deaths, how many human lives need to be lost before you stopped acting like a D-bag on social media? Where do we need to be so you could shut up?”

That’s one of the things I’ve been burned on this thing is it’s like, “How many dead is dead enough for you?”

“How many grandmas got to go?”

My favorite is, “These people would have died anyway.” “What are you talking about? That’s got to be the most ridiculous thing I ever heard?”

That’s a true state. They’re all going to die. How many ICU units we got to take up? For me, it’s heartbreaking because I had great respect for a lot of them and it’s like, “You’re talking about human lives. Don’t you understand this?”

It’s one thing I’ve watched. I’m like, “You do realize we’re talking about people here.”

These aren’t votes. These are the lives.

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