#Winning with Guest Co-Host Robert Orfino

TRE 40 | Knowing Your Numbers


In any business, you need to set your goal or target numbers. Jason Bible and Robert Orfino discuss the importance of knowing your numbers and your desired end results, as well as the importance of measuring sales. They also get into how to influence as many people to engage with your business. As they talk about managing rehabs and finding the right deals, they touch on their progress in building their Airbnb portfolio.

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#Winning with Guest Co-Host Robert Orfino

Know Your Stuff

There are tons of great marketing ideas out there, but it’s the ones that I’ve got to convert. Must convert. That’s the hard part. That’s the challenge in a lot of that stuff. You can go look at a lot of houses, but are you actually closing any of them? That’s another question.

You’re going to look at some houses.

I’m going to look at some houses. I’m looking at five and then a commercial deal. I’m going to be a little busy bee. I thought we bought these things on the beach so it wouldn’t be that busy. I guess it’s not true.

We’re super busy. It’s crazy. My wife had a meltdown. She just melted down. She was like, “I can’t. This is crazy and I’ve got to do this.” A couple of things are happening. The insurance is crazy with the information because they’re working hard to get us to the best rate. They’re going down to the minutia, really going in. She hasn’t been on the properties. She’s playing operator between me and you, and then back and forth and now Adam and these other guys on a property, “Can you take pictures,” all that stuff. I’m like, “Stop playing operator. Have the insurance guy call us directly. We’re done with that. Take that part out of your life.” She was like, “I’ll do it.” I’m like, “Great.” I was like, “We have someone who’s handling the loans now, so push some of that on her.” For sure we’re going to hire TC. The next deal we sign goes through the TC. She’s supposed to be writing commercial loans, not commercial documents.

Our transaction coordinator at my last shop, the way we had them set up was they were the ones that once a deal gets under contract, then they’re the ones that are responsible for taking it to close and then getting utilities turned on and all that stuff. I think the other thing too is how much more volume do we want to buy? We keep moving the way we are. This way we keep going the way we’re going, we’re going to end up with a 200-house a year house buying company.

I think we know our numbers. For everyone, you have to know your numbers. Know what the end result looks like and we’ve shifted. For us, we’re looking for twelve four units. Three, three, three, three and five Airbnbs each in our own name, which we’re about to finish up right away. In our company, we’re looking for 100 apartment doors and then probably another ten to fifteen Airbnb that’ll be owned by essentially the fund. The fund is going to be the massive holder in all these real estate ventures.

We’ll buy more as the fund grows.

We’ll buy them and keep putting into the fund’s name and then pay out our investors and move on.

I’ll tell you, I got excited and we went down to the beach and then I noticed that one property was for sale because I had looked at it before. I’m like, “That is that interesting little property.” I haven’t heard back from the seller. I’m going to call him when I get down there.

I think you’re going to get one that we’ve already decided will go to our group. It looks like it’s a two-unit down there that will be a perfect Airbnb. It’s off the market. We’re going to wrap it up and then we’re going to give it out to our focus group, our Airbnb group, our big game hunters and our membership. Whoever’s interested can come along. They can hire Anthony to do the whole fit-out or they can do it themselves. We don’t care. By the way, we should have Anthony since he’s in town and we have some Airbnb.

This episode is about winning and we have a contest, #Winning. Here’s what I need you to do. We have a Bus Tour and we have a high-end, beautiful wine and lamb and big shrimp cocktail lunch. The first ten people on Facebook who share this post, go ahead and just put it right on their feed and put our name, Jason Bible, Robert Orfino in there so we can verify it’s on there. For the first ten, you guys can come to either event for half price. $50 for the Bus Tour or $25 for lunch. The person that shares it the most will come for free, either one or both. If you want to come to join us at the lunch, we’ll be presenting some deals, having some wine, having some good food, or you want to get on the Bus Tour and look at the houses.

If you share this the most, we’ll give you a free ticket for both. That’s #Winning. If you share this right now, the first ten people share it, we’ll give you half price and then the person who shares it the most, so you share it to a group and then you write my name or Jason’s name in that feed so we can verify, we’ll give you a free access to both of those events. Everyone can be a winner. The first ten can be a winner. Maybe we’ll go up to fifteen. If you want the Bus Tour, maybe we’ll do a very specific Bus Tour. We’ll do the lunch, but if you share this, that would be great. I will start posting the Eventbrite links into the feed so that we can get that stuff out there. If you can help us share and get the word out, you guys can come for half price. I’ll tell you, that lunch is fantastic. For $25, it’s going to be well worth your time and your money. The Bus Tour’s half price at $50. That’s a lot of fun. You can still bring a partner on the Bus Tour.

I’ll be giving you a market update and we’ll have a couple of properties for sale. If you want to buy a property, we’re ready to go.

You’re doing a little update and you’re going to be talking about how to buy stuff off the MLS. We’re going to tour the stuff. The girls were fast and furious hitting Catherine up with, “How do I get this under contract? I want him to sign this under contract. Who’s got the EMD? I’ve got a lock this thing up,” that type of thing. They’re all working.

The boiler room.

I love that boiler room with that crazy dog. We’re definitely getting some deals for you.

Are we keeping the dog at the office?

The guy who charges $25,000 or $50,000 is probably doing it for the money. The guy who charges nothing is doing it for the ego. Click To Tweet

Yeah. Catherine’s going to visit her parents in Boston. I couldn’t get away. I’m working on those Airbnbs so you might see my dog.

I met the dog statue up there. We’re going to keep it. We’ve got a creepy statue at the office. If you guys come to our Keller Williams platinum office there, you’ll get to meet the creepy little dog that’s keeping an eye on our agents to make sure they’re making offers. He gives good juju to everybody to make sure they find deals. I’ll be out looking at some more properties. These are properties that we’re going to turn around and turn into Airbnbs or we’ll wholesale. I talked to our property manager and he was walking crane, which is one of the properties that we bought. I’m very impressed with the rehab that we’re doing. If you guys are watching my personal Facebook page, I will be there. I’ll take some more video. I think the countertops are in now or they should be in. I’m putting countertops in. They’re painted. It looks just what I saw at the end of the day. It looks fantastic. Let’s talk a little bit about adventures. You and I and get out of the truck and almost get carried away by mosquitoes. We’re calling them tigers because those mosquitoes have a stripe on them. We got assaulted. It was insane. It was so bad. We drove back to the other side of the island and got bug spray from a convenience store.

I already ordered a case of the Deep Wood Cutter on Amazon. We’ll always have a case there. You have to embrace it. It’s a problem. We embraced, “Here’s all the bug spray that you could possibly need. If you buy some or brought some down, we’d appreciate you leaving it here because some people like other’s brands and we’ll have a little bug spray exchange.” Put it on a table right outside on the screened-in area and say, “Here you go.”

We will make a cute little sign that says, “Bug spray exchange.”

Don’t leave home without it.

It’s wild. A couple of buddies of mine told me, they said, “Get ready. There’s a season in Surfside that’s pretty rough.”

Anthony, he told me a story. It was funny. They’re doing the renovation.

Anthony is down from Jersey.

He’s doing the renovation. They’re doing the renovation, so they’re doing the bathrooms. Everything’s out of the bathroom. There’s a floor. There are no toilets. He’s like, “I’ve got to go.” Adam rolls up in his truck and cracks the window a quarter of an inch. He’s like, “What’s going on?” He’s like, “What are you doing?” He’s like, “Lots of mosquitoes there. You better get some spray on,” just like he won’t roll down the window. He’s like, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom.” He’s like, “They took the toilets out. You’d better go back out on the highway.” He walks around the back of the house and he’s going to relieve himself back there.

He gets eaten alive.

It’s all over his junk.

We’ve got a pond back there and it’s insane.

I’ve already got it. I’m creating a plan of action. I’m spraying it. I’m going to buy the DynaTrap. I’ll get that thing and hung it underneath there.

I’m chatting with Paul down there and I’m like, “Hi, bro.” He goes, “The mosquitoes are crazy out there.” He lives down there full-time. He says, “Here’s what happens.” He said, “Give it another couple of weeks. Things will start to dry out and it gets too hot for them. You get them at dusk and at dawn. It’s not that bad.”

They were vicious. They were like through my shirt. They got my back through my shirt.

We were driving the truck to look at some of these other houses and this commercial deal and they were ramming the glass on the truck.

They are very aggressive. We donated about a quarter pint of blood down there.

TRE 40 | Knowing Your Numbers
Knowing Your Numbers: Just because you don’t get a check for espousing real estate knowledge does not mean you’re not a guru.


If you put the spray on, they don’t mess with you. In fact, if you put the spray on, it’s not like they’re hovering around you. They disappear. You’re like, “Where did they go?” “They went to find some other poor sap from New Jersey that just got off the plane.”

We’re going to do this little thing. If you’re interested in coming to the lunch or the Bus Tour. If you’re sharing Eventbrite links, that will be great. Once you shared it, just put my name or Jason’s name on there and we’ll give you a code to come for half price. Half price on the bus, half price for lunch. The lunch is for sure you’re going to want to do that. If you’re not following on Facebook, give us a text at (281) 401-9008.

We’re talking about winning. Got a little contest going on. You could share this on Facebook.

Share this across your social media. We appreciate it. You just tag us, share this for the Bus Tour, for the lunch. It’s a good lunch. We’d appreciate it and the first ten or so people to do it, we’re going to give you half price. The person who shares it the most, you can come for both events for free. That’s a $150 value. We’re talking about winning and we’re talking about this cookie Airbnb thing we’re doing. I had some thoughts and I think you had mentioned that you said something that triggered me to run it all the way through the spectrum.

Did you get triggered?

Yes, leave Britney alone.

I need to get that yes.

We fired a crew because they take too long. The other guy said to our chief, our supervisor. He said, “You hurt my self-esteem.” This is a contractor. “You’re a terrible person. You hurt my self-esteem. That’s why I’m not finishing fast enough.”

What did our guy do? He just looked at him.

We pumped it. We’re moving on. It’s working. Contractors are sensitive now. That’s great. We’ve turned a corner.

Do we have to do like mandatory team hugs and stuff like that?

We have to actually do mandatory toolbox checks for OSHA. We have to do that and mostly it’s like, “Make sure you’re drinking. If it gets hot, drink water. Take fifteen and wear your goggles.” It’s scary. You know the world, but it slips so quickly. One guy goes out on the truck and he doesn’t have his spill kit, that’s a problem. On the day he doesn’t have the spill kit is the day he knocks over some toxic stuff on the back of the hospital dock or gallons of diesel everywhere. Anyway, you have to conform. You said, “Is it repeatable?” You made a comment. You start with, “Can I do it?” The answer for Airbnb is, “Yes, I could do it.”

I did a video and the context of the video, it’s one of the things that we talk about in the context of practical real estate investing. Is this something that is repeatable over and over again or is this like some one-off thing? I’ll tell a one-off story when I was at this case study one night. Let’s go down that rabbit hole. Is this something I can do?

Is this something I can do? The answer becomes yes. The answer is, “Is this something I can do again?” Not repeatable yet, but can I do it again? If the answer is yes, because now we have two yes. It’s like, “Now, I need to build systems.” You start thinking about the systems to see can I make this repeatable or cookie-cutter? You don’t get the cookie-cutter before you get the systems. You have to start building those out and putting at least a skeleton of systems in place.

This is what drives me bananas about the guys on Facebook posting stuff and the real estate gurus out there. Just because you don’t get a check for espousing real estate knowledge does not mean you’re not a guru. I do see a lot of that stuff.

You’re a guru for one of two reasons, ego or money. That is the only reason those people stand up on stage. The guy who charges $25,000 or $50,000 is probably doing it for the money. The guy who charges nothing is doing it for the ego.

He’s doing it for the clickbait and the likes. I completely agree with that. Here’s where the real challenge comes in. You sign up for what we call the $25,000 backpack. They give you the three-ring binder. It’s four inches thick, “Here’s your new business. Here’s access to the website that’s got all this stuff on there.”

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We don’t have that. We tell everyone we don’t have that.

We’ve got no secrets in here. Now you’ve got this, you’ve signed up for this thing. Nowhere in this discussion, and I hear this a lot, “Jason, I signed up for so-and-so for the systems,” and I’m like, “Systems for what?” “For buying houses.” “What are you doing?” “I live in Texas, but I’m buying it in Michigan.” “They have a system for that. You flip over to the tab that says Texas guy buying real estate, Michigan. Do they have a system for that?” “What do you mean?” We have a friend of ours that is buying Airbnb right now. For whatever reason, he does not want to join our group but keeps asking us a million questions and we’re like, “Why don’t you call the dude you paid a gazillion dollars to?” The guy that’s now in California who’s going to teach you Airbnb in Texas. That guru, he’s got a tab in there. It says South Padre. By the way, for those of you not from Texas, South Padre is in Brownsville, which is Mexico. It’s very beautiful there.

In my mind, it’s on the same latitude as Belize. It’s that far down. In fact, the continental United States stops at Corpus Christi.

You can fly to Miami at the same time you can fly to South Padre from Houston. I had somebody tell me one time, I think it was Tom. He said, “We’re going to go X, Y and Z?” He was thinking about going to South Padre. I’m like, “Why don’t you just go to Miami?” He starts looking, he goes, “The flight’s the same and it’s Miami.” That’s how far south it is. It’s remote. Where’s your system for that? Where people get hung up is they’re like, “I bought the binder.” How is the binder going to help you? “I’m doing Airbnb in San Antonio.” When you go to page one, “Here are all my vendors.” Where’s that at? “No, a worksheet I fill out,” or something. It’s some nonsense. I always go back to your, “Is it repeatable? Now, we start to build systems in place.”

Once you do that, then the real question becomes, “Can I remove myself from the systems?” If I can, then hire a manager, then you’ve got something. If you can’t, then it’s a job. If you can’t even get to the systems then, your chicken with the head cut off. Just running around subject to and knocking doors and all that other stuff.

One of the questions, we were shooting two shows for Propelio and we had a whole bunch of people down there and I was getting some questions. One of the questions I got is, “Jason, when do you know to start hiring people?” I said, “Because you get so busy, you can’t do a whole lot of other stuff and you’ve got to start backfilling pretty quickly.” He said, “I don’t believe some of the stuff I see on Facebook based off of what I know it takes to build two, three houses buying a month portfolio. There’s no way these guys are doing it by themselves.” I said, “It’s impossible.” When you start to get to five, six, seven in these things, just the transaction alone, you need somebody to help you with the transaction. Not even including managing rehab. You need a real team.

If it is a repeatable system, then remove yourself from the system. That takes a while. I always say that’s a three-year journey at minimum.

It’s a three to five-year journey. It’s interesting, I’m scheduling times now with all of our property managers that once a month I’m meeting with all of them. Most of them don’t care, but one of them is funny. He said, “I’ve got a couple of guys that literally they’re motorcycling all around Europe and it’s not that big a deal.” I’m like, “I like to check in.” I like to check in in person, establish norms, all that sort of stuff. That’s part of the process. I think folks have this and it’s perpetuated by the real estate education industry. They have this idea, “I can set it and forget it.” I’m like, “There is nothing of value in your life that’s set and forget it.” Can you set and forget anything? No. It’s impossible. You’ve got to take your car for oil changes. It’s regular maintenance. You have to take a shower every day. What is it in your life that you can just “set and forget?”

You’ve got to hire housekeeping for that. It’s $100 a month.

I’m not one of these guys that says the 401(k) is bad or retirement planning doesn’t work. You could read all the statistics that says it is or it doesn’t. The real challenge is that most people don’t manage it. It’s not because they’re not smart enough, they don’t know how. They don’t know how because the information out there is so bad and it’s so much easier to do real estate than it is to figure out your personal portfolio.

Just in the last 30 days, because we got back on the CreditSense track, Catherine’s credit has gone up 60 points. I got one of my three that is off the charts. I couldn’t believe how much it went up so fast because we forgot. We weren’t managing it. All of a sudden, we’re managing it and it’s like you’re up 35 up, 40 up, you’re up to eight, you’re up ten. She’s zeroing in on 800. Within 60 days we’ll be at 800 on hers and I won’t be far behind.

One of the things that Bob used to tell me other than as compared to what is what gets measured gets managed. I cannot remember who that quote is attributed to. What is measured gets managed. Here’s what’s important. You can see, I love scientific studies in the weight loss industry, in the nutrition industry. If you simply step on a scale every day, you will begin to lose weight. Just by measuring it every single day, it becomes managed. Measuring it every single day, figuring out where you’re at every single day, you will begin to improve things. If you’re looking at your bank balance every day, if you’re looking at your net worth every day, if you’re looking at how many offers do I need to make to be able to buy a house every single day, it will improve by the fact that you are measuring it from the get-go. That’s what’s important, is the measuring. Rob, you’ve said this before. You go to every single education seminar, I’ve been to all of them. Nobody talks about this. How do we measure success? You’ve got your 20,000 square foot house and your Lambos and Ferraris and your Bentleys.

I don’t want any of that stuff. I’m watching Rob Ferretti again and half his fleet of Ferrari’s are all screwed up and he runs an exotic car rental business. You realize what total pieces of garbage those things are. You end up having to manage that and it ends up managing your life. You just don’t want it. Having one is fine. You’re at the real estate seminar and they’re showing you piles of cash and the Lambos. Tommy Vu had this golf cart full of bikini models. He’s like, “Don’t you want to be me?” I’m like, “No, not really. That looks like a lot of trouble.” You see all that but you’re like, “That’s great and all.” How do we get to there? How do we get to the Promised Land? Show me what am I supposed to be doing every single day? How many offers am I supposed to be putting in? What markets am I supposed to be in? I was off doing a Facebook Live from the car and I said, “I think our little play down in Surfside might be one of the best things we’ve ever done.” We’ll be done before everybody goes, “What’s going on?” We’re already in Corpus and I’m starting to see the emails and text messages from buddies of mine. “Jason, have you heard about what’s going on in Corpus Christi? Exxon is going to drop $10 billion over there.”

$3.2 billion of high-end real estate development going. We know.

We know we were there. What are you supposed to be doing every day? What are we doing with our credit? How are we getting our financing in place? How are we managing rehabs? How are we finding deals? This will be a great question for the guys. I’ll be sitting there holding court at the Outside Bar at the Redneck Country Club. It’s like, “What did you guys do?” “I was busy at the office.” “These wholesalers, they got no deals. There are no deals on MLS and everyone gets all distressed.” I’m like, “Calm down. Maybe a little less networking events and more of working.” My comment is always, “This is a networking event? What’s the root word of networking?” “Working.” “Are you going to buy a property from me?” “Nope.” You can at the Portfolio Builders Club or at the Bus Tour, but now you’re not buying anything from me. Why don’t you go work this room and find somebody that’s got a deal for sale in a market you want to buy in?” The other question I’ll get a lot is, “Jason, should I do low and round? Should I do this? Should I do small apartments? Should I do Airbnb? Should I do big apartments?” I’m like, “I don’t know. What do you think you ought to do?”

We’ve got some events coming up. We have our Portfolio Builders Club. That is a lunch event. Jason will be doing a little teaching. We’ll also be presenting some properties and it’s at Seasons 52. It’s a fantastic event. If you’re sharing this, you can get in for $25. That’s a great lunch. The Bus Tour, all the ladies will be on the Bus Tour. I think we actually have a commercial property as well. We’re working on some of this stuff. We’re trying to make it exciting. I have a contractor and a hard money lender on there as well. You guys can go out and that’s usually $100. If you share this, we’ll give it to you for $50.

It’s going to be fun. This is the time of the month I like because we start buying stuff and buying properties. Closings are typically like the second, third week of the next month. You don’t get that end of the month like, “We’ve got all this stuff, it’s going to close.”

TRE 40 | Knowing Your Numbers
Knowing Your Numbers: What is measured gets managed.


We got some of that coming up.

We do. The next couple of weeks can be fun. What is repeatable and it’s funny. I can’t listen to these real estate guru shows anymore. It turns into, “Everything is financial Armageddon and you’re going to be eating cat food in retirement and come to my class this weekend or else the world ends.” I’m like, “I don’t think life is that severe.” I don’t know. Maybe I’m spending too much time in our portfolio at the beach and I’m like, “I don’t think it’s that bad.”

It’s never as bad as you say it is and it’s never as good as you think it’s going to be.

It’s got to be something in the middle, which isn’t bad.

Is our play in Surfside bulletproof? No. There are risks there. At this point, we know it works. It’s repeatable and we are a step or two away from pulling ourselves completely out.

I was chatting with the PM and we’re going over some numbers and he says, “I know you guys didn’t tell me to do this, but I went ahead and did it. That little efficiency you’ve got, we popped it on Airbnb just to see what happened. I know it needs rehab but I figured, let’s see what happens. I figured you guys didn’t care.” I was like, “I don’t care.” He goes, “We got $275 a night for it.” I’m like, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” He was like, “There’s a cleaning fee in here. We popped it up to see what happens.”

After his take, I think it’s $30 and it’s probably $50 so about $199 for us. Let’s do that little one-bedroom twenty times a month. That’s not bad.

$190 a night.

$4,000 for that little thing.

Even if you’re ten nights, you’re at $2,000 a month.

It was less than $3,000, one little house of fifteen days covers.

We bought four for $330,000. I think our monthly is $2,500, $2,700 a month or something like that. That one house on ten days almost pays for the other four, all four mortgages. I don’t know if Airbnb works. It seems to be working in there.

There could be a downside. We don’t know what January is looking. We haven’t gone through a full winter yet, so we don’t know if we’re going to get the contractors back. That’s the risk. We started late in the summer here. We’re starting late in the season. We didn’t get the full benefit of a whole summer making $16,000 a month.

He was telling me that he’s like, “I got this small unit.” He’s got ten or fifteen of them. He did it for one of his customers. It wasn’t his. He said, “It’s a smaller one. It needs rehab. We are all booked up for most of June. July is booked solid.” He said they’re already taking dates in August.

We’ve got to get on the phone with him and tell him to clear that out and put it out there for all of July and August on there. Just let them run and we’ll do the rehab later. What we’ll do is I think we’ll send the guys over to paint the outside and clean up the outside of the satellite dishes, all that nonsense and then let them run it through the summer, then we’ll jump back there in October.

We could do that one efficiency. I don’t know.

No, we’ll do them all. Let’s make $20,000 a month. Let’s do it.

Your portfolio is never as bad as you say it is, and it's never as good as you think it's going to be. Click To Tweet

I did pick up a sack of cash and it’s nice. I haven’t done that Facebook post yet.

You can rent our cash bag. That’s a great name. They’re a bunch of cash bags. We need to move because the next 60 days are critical for us to gather up all the seed and all the acorns for winter. We need to run out and do that ASAP. I’ll make sure that Anthony gets on the phone with him and coordinates and tell those guys, “You’ve got to move. We’re just making too much money.”

Cash bag, to make it look like you’re a real player. Follow my Facebook page. I picked up a small bag of cash and we were talking about, “What are we going to do with this? Why don’t we put it in the bank?” All of these real estate guys will take pictures on bedspreads with piles of cash. “I’m killing it. Look how much I made.” First of all, let’s talk about checks. People posting checks on Facebook. I can’t remember the last time I actually got a check for buying or selling a property. They’re all wires.

I told you that real estate investors, professional bowlers and sweepstakes winners all feel the need to post their check. You need to feel the need to stand up there. I don’t see doctors doing that.

You don’t see, “I crushed this ACL surgery.”

I got seven hip replacements.

“I crushed those seven hip replacements. I made $80,000.” I don’t know why they do it. It drives me insane. There’s this guy I used to follow just for his moronic posts where he’d have a couple of thousand bucks. He put it all on the mattress and he’s like, “I’m killing it. I’m going to Vegas,” backward hat nonsense, all that, the sideways hat and the stupid glasses.” We get this bag of cash and I’m like, “What am I going to do with this thing? Do we do a little video where I’m at the pool in the backyard and then throwing it on my car?” Right as I’m talking about this, George sends me this text and he goes, “We have got to do a parody of this video.” It’s some like new rap video where they’re in yachts in Miami and everything’s red. You could tell these guys hadn’t worked a real day in their life because nobody does it like that. Anyways, he was like, “We need to do a parody video of this with Jon boats and our old cars.”

I’ll bring the Camry.

We’ll bring the Camry out. He’s got a bunch of old Nissans. We’ll bring out the old Hondas and we were like, “We’re killing it,” and all that nonsense. Crushing it, bags of cash.

I had an idea. We’ll rent you the bag of cash. For $300, we’ll rent you the bag of cash and you can take pictures with it and roll around in, bikini-clad women, whatever you need. We’ll rent you our bag of cash for $300.

We have a bag of cash and we will rent it to you so you can look good on Tinder and Facebook. It will be like, “I’m renting that bag of cash,” ABagOfCashForRent.com. We have the AC on full blast. You had a look of sheer fear on your face.

My body was overheating. I’m like, “I’m overheating. I’ve got mosquito bites.” I get to that point where you’re overheating and you’re still drinking water and it’s not working. You’re overheating and like, “This isn’t good.”

I’m standing there in the sun next to another gentleman who was with us. He works outside and he’s in Louisiana. I’m like, “Isn’t this bad?” He goes, “This is great. You’re getting acclimated to the heat. I’m working out in the garage with no AC.” I’m like, “I’m getting used to it at this point,” which is going to make Florida fun because it’s usually a little bit cooler there. I’ll be out on the beach a lot more.

You’re going up north to Florida.

Yes, that’s right. I’m going north to the Florida Panhandle. The far white beach north there in Florida because I need to take a beach vacation for my beach business. We have some friends, we’ve become friends with them over the years. They own a bed and breakfast in Mexico and it’s on Isla Mujeres. It’s a seven-room place that they actually built. They’re from Southern California and are great people. Usually, we go down the last week or two before the end of the season. We’re typically their last guest. There’s nobody there and it’s just us or another couple of some other friends. They’re so funny because they’re like, “We’re at the end of the season and we’re tired. We need to get a little break.” They’ll go like the hall box, which is another beach place or they’ll go to a couple of other different beaches. “We need a beach vacation from our beach life.” It’s pretty sweet. That’s how it is. They are very tan.

Did I tell you the Orange County story? This is great. You and I were coming back from somewhere in Orange County. I went into my room and I’m like, “My face is so dry,” because usually I’m not there that long. I’m there like a day or two. By the time I get back to Houston, I’m like, “I still feel dry. I keep drinking. I’ll be fine.” I go into the bathroom and they had lotion in there. Evidently, there’s a difference between lotion and moisturizer. Like that lotion is meant for your arms and legs and all. It’s not meant for your face. I didn’t know this. I started rubbing this stuff on my face. I started calling some people. I’m like, “This isn’t working right.” It’s all caked on. I’m sitting there for ten minutes.

I’m not even going to go anywhere near my thoughts right now.

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It’s terrible. It’s the worst thought. I’m sitting there looking at myself in the mirror and I’m like, “This is absurd.” I get a towel. I wipe it all off. I still smell like this stuff because it’s like in my nose. It didn’t fix the skin thing because it wasn’t designed for that.

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